How to write a love letter to your loved one?

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Talking about your feelings can be incredibly difficult. You need to find the right moment, choose the right words and intonations.

Letters with declarations of love come in all sizes and variations: from the simple "I love you" on the poster, to the vow of love on the whole page. But to be honest, not every person is a literary man and to admit sincere feelings for the person who won your heart can become too difficult a task.

Has your loved one gone far away? Do you miss him so much that you can't find a place for yourself? Do you so want to talk about your feelings and what is happening to your soul now? Write a letter to your only one! Reading your love letter, he will have a great desire to rush to you as soon as possible and never part with you. Present your beloved a letter in which gentle words will turn into gentle lines with a kind and gentle meaning, with love and respect, with a rainbow of feelings and emotions ...

In this article, we give some tips on how to become a true master of love letter writing.

1 Greetings

First of all, you need a greeting. Do you have secret greetings to each other? Or should it just be a name? The following lines might help you:

• My dear / my dear
• Favorite / beloved
• My radiant sun
• Light of my eyes, my soul, Apollon Grigorievich

2. What pushes you to write this message

If a simple “I love you” seems too banal or eloquent to you, and you still do not know what to say, then you should first dive deeper into your feelings and thoughts.

What do you really want to say to your partner? Think about why you want to write this letter.

The reasons may be as follows:

• First declaration of love
• You want to strengthen your senses
• Trying to save a relationship or bring your ex back
• To remove tension after a quarrel or mistake
• To express longing
• You want to express gratitude
• You want to compliment

3. Take your time

Are you uncomfortable writing? Words don't want to form sentences, right? No problems! The one who immediately bursts into the house through the door rarely looks tactful and runs the risk of suppressing the feelings of the other person.

Honestly admitting that you have a writing block will also make it easier to continue writing.

• You know, it's hard for me to talk about feelings ...
• I don't know how to start ...

4. Be true to yourself, give up templates

There are thousands of heartwarming love letter templates on the internet. The wording is florid, the sentences are romantically overloaded. “You are the brightest star in the sky”, “Your delicate appearance is more beautiful than any rose” ... What sounds artistic often has the opposite effect: formulaic sentences can seem flat and hypocritical. If you no longer recognize yourself in your own message, stop and change your strategy.

Try to use comparisons sparingly. You don't have to set yourself the goal of making everything perfect. Much more important is the feeling that arises when reading. Little quirks in relationships, common romantic experiences - these are the things that touch the heart and make you smile. Maybe you want to talk about the moment when you realized that you fell in love?

5. Be responsive to your partner.

A special scent, a special phrase, a common pastime ... Each person in any relationship has its own characteristics. What do you particularly like about your partner? Sometimes this behavior, minor details and quirks, without which we can no longer imagine our life.

6. Briefly and heartily

Instead of writing a few pages for your love message, it's best to focus on the essentials. Usually goosebumps are triggered by short messages filled with emotion.

7. Ideal ending: prospects for the future

What are your hopes for the future? Maybe you want everything to remain as it is, or you dream of living in perfect harmony for many more years. Or maybe you dream that the person will finally agree with you on the first date.

By looking into the future, you are transcending the moment. And a simple “I love you” can be the perfect ending to this touching letter.

8. Small additions that make the moment unforgettable

Good paper, a small drawing (even if you have never claimed to be a wonderful artist), a dried leaf or flower, maybe a few drops of perfume - there is no limit to imagination.

Details add personality and surprise. This means: here someone put in the effort, take their time and cares about you.

9. Sending a letter

Now a love letter is simply obliged to fall into the hands of a loved one. Can be sent by mail, which is especially effective in long-distance relationships. Or you can make an unexpected pleasant surprise and leave a letter, for example:

• about a cup
• on the desk
• on a pillow or bedside table
• in a jacket pocket
• in a purse
• in the book

There is only one thing to be avoided: direct face-to-face transmission. This can make the other person feel confused and act recklessly.

If none of the options suits you, handing over a letter in your hands, just ask to read it in your absence.