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Rocket League Trading is a trade-in system that allows you to trade in up to a total of five items at once.

Rocket League Trading is a trade-in system that allows you to trade in up to a total of five items at once. You can trade them for one item that is randomly drawn with a value that is the ext highest in quality when you make the exchange. In order to help you trade up to better items and not get skunked in the deal, we’ve prepared a guide that will give you tips on how to be successful in trading.

It’s important to understand the basic rules before you start trading. This feature was first introduced in Patch v 1.19 which came out in June of 2016. First, you can locate the Trade-In System by going through the Manage Inventory selection found in the Garage sub-menu. You’ll need to choose the items you want to trade-in and then confirm your selections.

For every 5 rare items you trade in, one very rare item will be drawn in the exchange. For every 5 uncommon items traded in, one random rare item is drawn in exchange. For 5 very rare items from the Crate series traded in one random import from the series is drawn in exchange. For every 5 import items traded one exotic can be received. The exotics cannot be traded in.

Not enough is said about item demand in Rocket League Trading. If you take the time to examine this, you’ll discover that there are some items that sell faster than others. They’re more popular because of their aesthetics and the demand for them is much higher. An example of this is the Breakout Type-S which usually sells a lot faster than an item that is less in demand such as a Road Hog XL. While it’s good to make a profit, it’s not necessary to profit from every trade. Try to trade your item for one that is in higher demand that goes for the same price as your trade because it will sell faster and there is a greater chance that there will be someone out there who is willing to pay more for it and offer a higher price so you will profit. Having said this, make sure that you are familiar with the level of demand for the items in your possession as well as the ones that you do not yet have. You need to have this awareness so you understand the value. In a similar vein, if you see an item that you really want and it’s in high demand, the chances are that if you wait for a while, the price will lower. Instead of costing 5 keys it may go down to 2.

Crates from newer releases should usually be sold as quickly as possible because the price will drop quickly. This is the benefit of trading instead of purchasing a new crate out of impatience.

One of the cardinal rules in Rocket League Trading is to know the prices. When you’re trading it boils down to doing the math and tending to the business of trading. You need to have a working and updated knowledge of your prices so you’ll know if you’re making a profit or losing your shirt. Make sure that you know how many keys your items are worth before you attempt to trade for other items. This isn’t rocket science. It’s a good idea to obtain a price list and then make sure to keep it updated as the values will change over time. Use this as a guide when you start your trading. Of course, there are fluctuations in the prices and these are based upon demand.

Certifications can work on your behalf or they can work against you in Rocket League Trading. Certifications an make your items more valuable or they might not do anything. Make sure that you know what you’re doing before trading for certified items in Rocket League. Become familiar with the five tiers in certifications. Remember that the best certification in the game is 1 and it can substantially increase the price of an item. Items in tier 5 are the least valuable and these should be traded for the normal version that is available of the item. It’s recommended to only trade for items that have a minimum of a tier 3 certification or better.

Once you’ve made a few trades and you’re familiar with how it works, it’s important to learn how to protect your items. There are traders out there who will try to get the best items you have by scamming you out of them. Some will tell you they can duplicate the items you have and others may take the most valuable items out of a set secretly or offer you a game code and not give it to you until the item has been traded. One of the most important things to do while we’re on the topic is to build a reputation for being an honest trader and to trade with others who have a good reputation for honesty as well.

This guide is intended to offer you with some of the most important basics for successful Rocket League Trading. Your reputation as a trader is important but so is being aware of the rules and how it all works. Not everyone who is trading will pay you the same courtesy. You must be smart and you must be aware and there is no substitution for understanding the value of your items and keeping on top of fluctuations in the value. Stay on top of the demand for items and know how certifications can work on your behalf or against you. When you’re up to speed with full knowledge of the value of the items being traded and you know what scams to watch out for, you’re on the road to becoming a successful Rocket League Trader.

Hopefully this brief guide will help you on your way with Rocket League trading, and you’ll be a market whiz in no time. More details about rocket league trading or Sell Rocket League Items can be found in the Rocket League Trading website: