Help With Resume Wording

It is hard to overestimate the power of the word. According to psychologists, it treats and cripples. And in our case, it also sells, and it helps to find work. The meaning of the right word is especially important in such a document for your career as a resume.

It is not as easy to draw up a resolution as it might seem to you at first glance. There are so many features that you will need to consider.

Very often, applicants confuse skills with personality traits and indicate something like "Responsibility" or "Punctuality" in the key skills section. We advise you to write about these qualities in the "About me" section and avoid platitudes. Instead of "Responsibility" and "Punctuality" write "I am conscientious about completing tasks" and "I always meet the promised deadlines." This will not change the essence, but the wording will attract more attention.

In some cases, you can indicate personal qualities that are not directly related to the profession - it may be good physical shape or athletic achievements ("CCM in cross-country skiing"). This also applies to representatives of not the most obvious professions: for example, physical shape is often important for sales managers, since they often have to travel to meetings and on business trips.

All the same applies to advances in the intellectual field. If you are a city chess champion or won a programming Olympiad, this is interesting. If you are just fond of reading, then no. Only add what can be proven and what will help you get the desired position.

If you have any difficulties, here ResumeGets help with wording a resume. The meaning of the right word is especially important in a resume document for your career. ResumeGets specialists understand this.