The Role Of Advertisement Cloth In Real Life

More than 50% of people said they were very involved in the billboard they saw last month. (source)
71% of people consciously look at billboards while driving.


More than 50% of people said they were very involved in the billboard they saw last month. (source)
71% of people consciously look at billboards while driving.
Americans spend nearly 300 hours in cars every year.
There are currently 342,306 billboards in the United States, of which nearly 8,000 are digital billboards. (source)
Whether you commute to work or travel out of town, you will soon find yourself glancing at a billboard along the way. If you have ever wondered how effective a billboard advertisement is, then you are not alone. For small and medium-sized companies with limited budgets, people’s time in the car is crucial. If done well, billboard advertising can become a powerful tool to attract more customers.

Outdoor Advertising
Today's outdoor (OOH) advertising provides more creative ways for companies to convey information. OOH is very adaptable, and billboard advertising is just one aspect of its unlimited marketing potential. Billboard advertising uses large-scale printing to market companies, brands, products, or events. Because billboards are placed in high-traffic areas, they are an effective way to build brand awareness.

Who will benefit from using billboards
Companies that want to increase brand awareness or advertise for specific store locations are best to use billboards. Billboards are usually located near high-traffic areas such as highways. This location is ideal for local businesses to gain a reputation there.

Be sure to consider whether billboard advertising is suitable for your business. Ask yourself:

Does your business meet the eight-second rule? The eight-second rule means that people passing by can understand your message in eight seconds. If not, then billboard advertising may not be the best choice.
Is your product relevant? The billboard will display your product to the public, so if the product is not that relevant, you may not be able to make the desired impression.

Signed truck on the side of the road
Mobile billboards create high value for companies large and small. Mobile advertising tends to be more memorable and more engaged with the advertising itself. Due to its mobile capabilities, mobile billboards can be reduced to a super-local level. According to the statistics of the website, the mobile billboard advertisement on the truck was noticed by 98% of the people in the car. Not to mention that each truck calculated by the Outdoor Advertising Association can generate 30,000 to 70,000 impressions per day. When tracking where your target audience resonates most with your ad, location and route are key.

Demographics and location insights will help identify specific types of audiences. In the end, you will not only reach a high frequency, but also leave a lasting impression on the audience. Some other benefits of mobile billboard advertising are:

Improve visibility of sight level
Flexible for short-term or long-term activities
Cost-effective and more control over activities
Although mobile billboards are unconventional, this does not reduce their effectiveness. In fact, they are an exciting and fascinating way to generate more word-of-mouth marketing. This is a media format that is not as common as fixed billboards, but it helps to break through the noise of other advertisements.

How to choose a location
As far as billboard advertising is concerned, location is everything. Traffic speed, travel destination, and the distance between the billboard and the road all affect the effectiveness of the billboard itself. Before proceeding with billboard advertising, be sure to evaluate several locations and visit them. When you’re done, find out where your customer base comes from and choose the location that will generate the most traffic for your brand, company, and event.

If you already have a location, check the advertising company next time you visit or pass the logo. The company’s logo is usually listed below the picture on the billboard.

Competition and production
As in any industry, competition always exists. If you look at an area with many other billboards nearby, you might find some nice discounts. However, this means that it may be difficult for you to stand out from others in the field. Competition drives prices and billboard advertisements require not only money to rent, but also production costs.

Billboard design cost
In terms of design cost, the size of the billboard is one of the factors that determine the price. Visually, larger billboards are easier to see than smaller billboards, especially when placed near highways. The standard billboard size is 14 inches x 48 inches, which can provide you with unparalleled visibility, but as you enter the lighting design of similar billboards, the cost may increase. If you want your billboard to be visible at night, then lighting is the best choice. Some examples of billboards that use lighting are casinos, restaurants, and even some retail stores. Lighting also helps to get more impressions because they are easier to see at night.

For those looking for more insights into the concept of billboards, it is important to note that the largest billboard available is called "announcement." However, the size of the advertising area also depends on location and business preferences. Normally, the height of a standard billboard is about 14 feet and the width is about 48 feet.

The influence of external factors on billboard advertising
The cost of billboard advertising is affected by circulation, demographic data and impressions.

Circulation volume: Circulation volume estimates the number of people exposed to outdoor advertisements based on market traffic.
Demographics: Demographics are broken down by age, gender, and income level of people who pass the billboard. It is important to note that you may end up paying more for advertising to people with higher income levels.
Impressions: Unless specified in the market, impressions include all people who noticed the ad. Other factors, such as the size of the billboard, visibility, and the speed at which people pass, also play a role in this area.

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