MacBook Pro Pricing: How Much Education Discount Eligible for Students

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With the leverage of being a student or affiliated with any educational institutes, Apple provides education pricing, a great way to save your dollars on MacBook Pro.

With the leverage of being a student or affiliated with any educational institutes, Apple provides education pricing, a great way to save your dollars on MacBook Pro. 


Are you wandering around in the market worrying about the prices of MacBook computers, then you should check out the education pricing on Apple’s newer models. If you have decided to step into the market to acquire one of the Apple models like the M1 MacBook Pro model, you can save up to $200 with the help of the company’s provided education discount program. However, the offer also involves warnings while buying one Apple MacBook at a cheaper price, but if the consumer is acquiring all of the end requirements, then the cost of Apple’s notebook can be saved. 

The MacBook Pro is still the popular option among users for people looking for a notebook. One of the reasons for being reserved as the popular one is, acquiring the most powerful features compared to other models. Undoubtedly, this can be guessed that the higher the upgrade, the higher the price. This applies to MacBook Pro, as numerous upgrades are higher, so will be the cost, and will be even higher if a consumer needs the bigger screen. Nevertheless, the process of getting the Macbook by applying a student discount does not make you eligible for cost-cutting. The consumers need to provide any evidence of being a student or if they are affiliated with any educational upfront to save up the cost on MacBook Pro. 

If the consumer is looking to purchase a newer model of the M1 MacBook Pro, then the discount will be applied according to the size and storage options of the notebook. Let’s take a look at some of the models, such as:

  • First, the 13-inch model known as the smallest MacBook Pro of Apple. These models usually start with the cost of $1,299, but due to the education discount program, the price drops down to $1,199. 
  • Second, if choosing the model with upgraded storage up to 512 GB, then the cost peaks up to $1,399, which lesser than the non-educational discount price of $1,499. 
  • Third, if a consumer is interested in the 16-inch model, then the notebook is offered at $2,199, including the educational discount price. 
  • And lastly, if a consumer needs a notebook with more storage capacity, then the model 1TB 16-inch MacBook Pro will fit perfectly at the cost of $2,599. 

It does not matter which the consumer requires a 16-inch MacBook Pro model. It will include up to a $200 discount on the normal price for the notebook. 

How to Analyze the eligibility, and what are the ways to save on MacBook?

Apple has created fair accommodation regarding the matter of who can make a purchase of a MacBook Pro via an educational discount program. You can take this, for instance, the available cheaper price is not only eligible for newer or current university students but also provides eligibility to the parents purchasing for their student child. This lesser price agenda for MacBook Pro with an educational discount program also allows teachers and staff affiliated with the educational institute. In addition, the discount can be applied with other financial help as well. For instance, Apple not only offers existing users of MacBook to trade at a lesser price but also provides financing options for users as well. 

There is one more option that can help to consider while purchasing, which is the Certified Refurbished program of Apple and is worth noting for teachers and students. However, the devices sold via the refurbished program are not new, and usually, their prices are cheaper. They are offered after testing, with one year warranty, and the interested one is, you can return the device, if not as per requirement. There is only one disadvantage with the refurbished program, and that is, it entirely relies on refurbished MacBook Pro models that are available at the moment. If you cannot lower the price with a discount program, then perhaps you can try the refurbished program, which is a good alternative. 

META- Apple offers an educational discount program on MacBook Pro for users affiliated with an educational institute. Read how you can get eligibility to save the cost.