Why be part of something big!

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Why be part of something big is a great question! Crowd Point Technologies is the answer!

Why be part of something big?

Rick Reed Sr


Why be part of something big? Now this is an interesting question to think about. I do not recall where I heard the statement: “when you are part of something bigger than you, He will show up.” But I do know that this is my belief.

And I also believe the statement that,” All ships rise with the tide.”


For me, to be surrounded with like-minded people being part of a similar goal is powerful. It is me taking responsibility for what I can do to assist with the moving forward of the mass and trusting in the process that in the end we will achieve the product that is being envisioned.

To be part of Crowd Point is so exciting to me because I am now part of a collective and the “point” is being run by an already remarkably successful lead man and group that is giving back to assist me and others to our group success while learning the steps of independence hidden in this process.

I have experiences, but not like the projection of this group!

I am truly blessed.

I am not in it for the success, I am in it for what this success will allow me to do and be. I will be able to give to the things I want to support and at what level I want. I will be able to help my mom as she gets closer to transitioning and bless her with more comforts. I will be able… That is what I will be … ABLE.

What is your “why”?

And just as important is the question “when”? When will you?

I am truly blessed.

This is blockchain big!

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