Micropreneur in the Advanced Medicine Exchange

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learn how to make money while protecting your personal data!

I am a MicroPreneur!

What is a MicroPreneur? I have always had this image in my mind of traditional entrepreneurs working towards an endless line of growth. I think of myself as a MicroPreneurs, which is someone who knows they can be happy even if their companies never appear on the top of the Forbes list, but are truly helping others.

After all, if you don't start giving now, you probably won't give then. I want to take care of people, and I want to participate in an emerging global shift. MicroPreneurs are value creators in action.

What is my business? I'm lucky; it is my passion. If you had to summarize what I do - I am a digital shepherd. I provide quality products to help the Human Identity enter the Blockchain.

It's a great profession; I make money distributing and reselling something I love while safeguarding the most precious asset in all of History: The Human Identity.

We are partnered with high-quality products and services within the Advanced Medicine Exchange. These products come from high-quality businesses that care about each ingredient, pristine sourcing, and truthful data that creates powerful results.

When my customers buy from me, I give them an added service; I onboard them onto the Blockchain. In this process, they can authorize their own digital Identity made by them for them.

My customers and I both experience wins. I get to help others learn about vital products created by altruistic businesses, and they get a chance to protect their privacy.

I'm not alone; I am building this together with over 1,000 people who care about the privacy, protection, and performance of our communities.

So, if you are reading this, would you like to earn your digital freedom? Your onboarding is free with every purchase.