Joining the Blockchain

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What will joining the blockchain do for you? Protect your data? Earn you passive income?

Have you ever been the victim of identity fraud? You get a call from your bank asking you if you have made XYZ purchases in the past 24 hours, and you nervously think through everything you may have purchased only to realize someone has stolen your data. The only thing you can do is freeze all of your accounts and order new cards, and even then, you feel uneasy as nothing has been done to further prevent the same thing from happening again. Some have had it far worse, and as business owners they have been victims of extortion and fraud, putting their business at risk of failure and closure.

We are becoming ever-increasingly dependent ON technology, but lacking literacy IN technology. With the advent of blockchain, we have an opportunity to get in front of one of the greatest technological waves of this century. Are you preparing for the changes that will occur? Brand new business models will be created, and a new sharing economy will emerge. The way we make transactions and protect ourselves will evolve. Are you ready for the innovation in privacy and protection?

I am onboarding myself onto the blockchain so I can protect myself and my data with the help of the most advanced data protection technology that our world has yet discovered. Does this sound complicated? It's very simple.

You are unique. In my opinion, you are a Child of God and there is no one else like you. From a digital perspective, you are made up of thousands of fields of data. These fields are compiled of information such as what car you drive, what job you hold, what gender you are, what purchasing behaviors you have, what browsing patterns you hold, etc. These fields can be collected and tokenized into a Human Identity NFT. You can be a non-fungible token on the blockchain!
And once you are integrated into the blockchain we can leverage the technology to protect our data and our identities. We can utilize smart contracts to enforce sets of rules and standards on companies to control how they interact with us. We can prevent data theft and extortion and get paid based on the data we output and a company's willingness to pay for our valuable data. They pay for it already so why not let them pay US for OUR data?!

This is, among many other things, what we are doing over at Crowdpoint Technologies. We have built a digital marketplace offering high-quality products created by small and mid-size businesses that care about you and your data protection. As an added value, we offer free onboarding and we create your decentralized ID. Are you ready to take your freedom back online?