What are the fees related to the purchase of the property?

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A major issue when buying a property is to have a financial reserve to bear the costs of the fees that involve the transaction.

Many people commit the entire budget to the value of the entry and installments, forgetting that it is necessary to have a cash amount, which can vary from 4% to 8% of the value of the property, for the payment of taxes.

This percentage is variable, because many rates are municipal or state and the amount varies depending on where the property is located. Therefore, it is very important to be aware of this issue and consider it when planning the financial for the purchase of the property.

Do you know these rates? See some in our article to be prepared at the time of this acquisition.


It is the Tax on Transmission of Real Estate. It is municipal and needs to be paid when goods are transferred, such as houses and apartments between two people or between companies.


In Belo Horizonte (MG) this rate is 2.5% of the property value. In São Paulo (SP) and Rio de Janeiro (RJ) the percentage is 2%. In the city of Barueri (SP), the tax reaches 5%.

That is, the location where the property is located will determine the percentage to be paid. Having this tax paid is a prerequisite to be able to register the transfer of the property in a notary.

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Public deed

Every property that is negotiated between two individuals or legal entities, that is, when the property is to change owner, it must have a public deed. Properties financed by the Housing Finance System do not require public deed.

This rate varies according to the State and is divided by ranges of values, not an absolute percentage. For example, in MG, for a property that costs from 105,000.01 to 210,000.00, the value of the public deed is R $ 1,497.06. If the property costs from 210,000.01 to 420,000.00, that amount rises to R $ 1,919.66.

In the case of financing, the contract has the force of public deed. But, generally, banks charge a fee of 1% of the value of the property for this document.

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The Property Registry in the Property Registry is also a value defined by the state legislation. It usually ranges from 0.2% to 0.4% of the property price.

Administrative financing fees and negative certificates

To complete the financing of the property, banks require a list of documents to make the loans feasible: negative certificates from court distributors, protests and taxes from the owner and his spouse and, if applicable, from companies owned by the buyer and your spouse's too. In addition, there are administrative fees for the financial institution, which vary according to each company.

Brokerage fee

This is a cost paid by the seller of the property, but it is usually already included in the final value of the property. For properties in urban areas, this rate is around 6%. In order to circumvent this payment, many people make agreements with well-known brokers who often reduce the fee itself to facilitate or exempt the buyer from the amount.