Retaining Walls Use ,Benefits & Types Of Retaining Walls

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What is Retaining Wall?

If you think of installing retaining walls in your landscape first thing you need to know that retaining walls not only help in restraining soil movement in your landscape but also help in providing a reliable structure to your yard. Any underground movements that can potentially damage your landscape yard retaining wall help in preventing your landscape from that meaning reduction in spending on maintenance required for your landscape.

An Artificial Rock Wall or Shotcrete Retaining Wall can be a practical and visually pleasing addition to your residential or commercial property. The purpose of all Retaining Walls is to hold the ground together behind them. At Qld Shotcrete Services our Retaining Walls Gold Coast can range from a small stone Retaining Wall, to a large garden surround to an enormous ground anchored soil Retaining Wall made of shotcrete.


Important Benefits of Retaining Walls

*Most important benefits of Retaining Walls is that it helps in preventing soil erosion at your landscape or at your home or other properties.

* Prevent sink holes and decrease the “eye sore” of dirt piles


*Retaining Walls not only prevent soil erosion but they also add beauty to your property which helps increase the demand or overall value of your property.

*Another important benefits of having retaining wall at your landscape is that they help you prevent your landscape from unexpected flood they help in preventing damage from flood by holding the soil strongly helps in better water drainage.

*It is very important to have a proper drainage system in form of retaining walls that helps in holding the overall structure of the landscape.

*Retaining walls have multiple benefits they are treated as a great investment for your property as once you spend on installing a retaining wall you don’t need to spend so much on maintenance because of its durable nature it require less maintenance and you don’t need to change your wall again.

*Retaining walls use material that requires very less maintenance so they are really affordable and cheap and mixed well with the surroundings of your landscape hence that makes them a very good investment for your property.

Different Types of Retaining Walls

*Anchored Wall

* Reinforced retaining wall

* Gravity wall

*Reinforced retaining wall

*Reinforced soil Retaining wall

*Green retaining wall

*Mechanical Stabilization Wall

*Buttressed retaining wall

Built for longevity

At Queensland Shotcrete Services we create concrete Retaining Walls and artificial rock walls that look good, do their job and are built for longevity. We use the most comprehensive up to date methods of Soil Stabilisation available so your new Retaining Wall will stand up to all mother nature has to offer and will still be there for your grandchildren’s children to see.

Our highly skilled concreters will deliver a shotcrete Retaining Wall that not only reinforces your sloped or elevated landscape but also works as an excellent solution for runoff. Proper Soil Stabilisation and Ground Anchoring are the key to building any type of retaining wall. Contact us for a free quote. We look after residential, commercial and civil projects throughout Australia all from our Gold Coast base.