I was primary tank to get a guild for half WoD doing mythic

I was primary tank to get a guild for half WoD doing mythic

I was primary tank to WOW TBC Gold get a guild for half WoD doing mythic. The guild dropped me as a main tank in Emerald Nightmare because the sole mythical I was able to get (even though I did all possible cultivation ) was sephiz secret. Confidentially it was also mythic ursoc where they dropped me.

I know Legion is one of those expansions people love but holy shit do people forget that it had almost all of the problems BfA had, it just masked everything by throwing power at the participant and ended at a halfway decent condition. It even had the same class difficulties, Warlocks were dreadful until 7.3.5. It is actually the only expansion that made me hang up my Warlock and I mained demonstration in WoD. I frankly don't know what Blizzard is thinking with class balance these days but every single expansion appears to have something seriously broken class-wise that takes at least a year to repair.

Where did I state classic was the savior of the MMO gaming. There's a stark difference in just how classic keeps you enjoying vs retail. The thought being retail is manner of keep you playing is based from metrics collected by Blizzard and ordered by Blizzard and their high ups where Classic's method of keep you playing is bread crumbs where you actually progress towards jobs. Ill take classic's way of farming shit knowing I'll eventually get it in my weekend away versus Retails"return in 3 months right before your sub expires to get another story bit."

It's hard to go from the Legion circlejerk however legendarys, AP, and titanforging would be the worst thing to ever happen to WoW. They have been met with massive positive comments on 3 of the oddest methods ever placed in the match.

That is one of the biggest reasons I fell Destiny two, that and the absurd cost of the expansions and the season moves that had barely any value in their benefit tiers, just zero to anticipate and get excited about. Seeing QOL updates being touted as selling points was the last nail, though. Manipulative and cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold sleezy and idle, absolutely fucking idle and I have zero qualms stating that.