A few small movements when washing your face help you prevent aging

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Skin problems such as blackheads and acne are all related to the incorrect washing method and the improper washing. Even the use of expensive cosmetics, if the operation method is incorrect, the cleansing and beautifying effect will not be achieved. However, more than 80% of people have mi



  Wash your face every day, repeating it again and again. Even if some MMs don’t use high-end cleansing products, their skin will get better and better; some MMs work hard and change their facial cleanser again and again, but their skin gets worse and worse. You have to check whether you have the right ones. Wash your face.

  In fact, when washing your face, there are some "scheming" little actions that can get unexpected results. Let's take a look at the skin underneath with the little makeup.

  Master the correct way to wash your face

  Blackheads, acne and other skin problems are all related to the incorrect washing method and the improper washing. Even if the expensive cosmetics are used, if the students can operate the management method incorrectly, it will not have the effect of cleansing and beautifying. However, more than 80% of different people have a mistake or omission in washing their face. Have you washed the right face?

  Step 1: Wet your face with warm water

  The water temperature for washing your face is very important. Some people save trouble and wash their faces directly with cold water; some people think that they have oily skin and need very hot water to wash off the oil on their faces. In fact, these are all wrong views. The correct way is to use warm water. This can fully open the pores, and the skin's natural moisturizing oil will not lose too much.

  Step 2: Let the cleanser foam fully.

  No matter what detergent you use, don't use too much, just the size of a coin. Before applying, be sure to put the facial cleanser in the palm of your hand, give full play to the foam, forget this step, this step is the most important step. Because if the foam in the facial cleanser is not sufficient, not only can it not achieve the cleansing effect, but it will also remain in the pores and cause acne. Of course, the more foam, the better, and you can also use some tools that are easy to make the facial cleanser foam.

  Step 3: Gently massage 15 times

  After applying the foam on the face, we will massage it gently in circular motions. Don't use too much force to prevent the students from having a lot of wrinkles. You can massage about 15 times to make the foam spread all over the face of the industry in China.

  Step 4: wash clean

  After massaging with the cleanser, you can wash it off. Some women are afraid that the washing will not be clean, so they use a towel to scrub, which is not good for the delicate skin. You should use a wet towel to gently press it on your face. After repeating several times, the cleanser can be taken out without damaging the skin.

  Step 5: Check the hairline

  After cleaning, you may think that the research on the process of washing your face has been completed, but this is not the case. Also look in the mirror to check if there is any residual cleanser in the environment around the hairline. This important step is often overlooked. The people around the hairline of some corporate women are always prone to acne. In fact, there are students who ignore this step.

  Step 6: Wash 20 times with cold water

  Finally, wash your face with cold water about 20 times with both hands, while gently dipping your face with a cold water towel. This can tighten the pores and promote blood flow to the face. That's how you wash your face.

  You must know "Be careful of machine"

  1. Adding an appropriate amount of salt to the water can thoroughly cleanse the dirt hidden in our pores, and also remove grease and cuticles. At the same time, light salt water also has a bactericidal effect, but it is used with caution for sensitive skin.

  figure 2. Bees can make your skin shiny, relieve tension, add a little honey to warm water, long-term persistence can make your skin 10 years younger.

  3. Light vinegar for skin rejuvenation. Water and vinegar can make the skin smoother, more elastic and less prone to acne.

  4. For dry skin, you can only use the cleansing product once a day. Dry skin lacks water, which can easily lead to dryness and peeling. Cleansing products such as facial cleanser will take away sebum and moisture. Therefore, we only need to use ourselves when the company wants to clean the face at night, and use ordinary warm water to get up in the morning. clean.

  5. White-collar workers and women who have been working in front of the computer for a long time, add some green tea to the water when washing their faces, which can effectively resist radiation.

  6. Fresh rose, invade the whole balsamic vinegar, rest for a week, then mix with cold water, wash your face sooner or later, it can eliminate facial pimples and acne, and make the skin smooth and tender.