Two interesting facts about Animal Crossing

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In March 2020, Nintendo released Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It has sold more than 32 million copies since its release, and it is Nintendo's second best-selling game ever. Obviously, it is very popular with players, but it has been criticized by a large number of fans because it has rarely updated the main content since its release.

Although New Horizons will regularly update some small events, it will also bring some new Animal Crossing Items. But the fans don't seem to be happy. In the direct sales on E3 in 2021, after Nintendo did not announce that Animal Crossing will be updated with new content, a large number of fans were very disappointed. No matter what, players need a lot of Animal Crossing Bells in the process of building islands although players have recently been reassured by Nintendo of America's President, Doug Bowser, that new and exciting developments await New Horizons.

Animal Crossing: New Horizon's Redd, a fox who has done a lot of bad things. This villain was sent to court by a creative fan. In order to prosecute this shady fox for illegal trading, a fan-created a court. In April 2020, the black market art dealer Redd was added to Animal Crossing and renamed itself, Jolly Redd. In order to deceive the player from the hard-earned Animal Crossing Bells, the cunning fox often visits the player's island on the fishing boat in New Horizons to make his suspicious goods. It is very time-consuming for players to earn ACNH Bells. If you don't want to spend too much energy, you can buy cheap Animal Crossing Bells from MMOSO to help you enjoy the game better.