Advanced Medicine Marketplace coming soon to a device nearest you.

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The Advanced Medicine Exchange is one of 11 exchanges powered by Crowdpoint Blockchain Technology representing all 11 industrial sectors as recognized by the Standard and Poor's 500.

Are you tired of Big Pharma dictating the way your Healthcare is being managed and governed? Take back control!

The Advanced Medicine Marketplace(AMM) focuses on holistic, well-being, medical protocols. You have access to education that gives you back control of your own body and health. AMM is powered by Blockchain technology, and through its dedicated exchange you will have access to an on-line store for alternative solutions to the Big Pharma medicine machine . AMM adopts the non-invasive, toxic-free approach in restoring and maintaining your health. Not only that, but one of your most sacred assets, your human identity, your privacy, will NEVER be stolen once it is onboarded within our ecosystem. For more information on this exciting revolutionary development please look further: