Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution.....A New Sharing Economy!

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Participants of an exchange with the CrowdPoint Blockchain Ecosystem enter as a decentralized identity. We use crowdsourcing beyond the limitations of a traditional supply chain network. The power of the crowd leapfrogs beyond traditional marketing and sales. An exchange is a new kind of

I am ready for the 4th industrial revolution! A sharing economy is the way of the future and it is being realized now. Imagine a world where small business owners are able to provide quality products in the global market and at the same time take care of their customers by ensuring that the most precious asset on earth is protected: The human identity. Now, stay with me………because very soon you will understand why I, along with 1000 of my new friends around the world are so excited to be supporting our local small and medium-sized businesses as well as everyday customers to benefit from participating in this emerging Blockchain economy. As a MicroPreneur, I make money distributing and reselling quality products directly to customers, products that fall within the Global Industry Categorization Standards and industry-specific CrowdPoint exchanges, like the Advanced Medicine Exchange. CrowdPoint offers a digital platform for small and mid-sized businesses to harness the power of the crowd, created by being part of a Blockchain economy. This digital ecosystem is powered by our customers. My customers get access to unique and amazing products that support a healthy life, while at the same time, I bring them on to the Blockchain. They have the opportunity to protect their privacy because they authorize and create their own digital identity, made for them by them. In this sharing economy, we all win! Join us!

I would be happy to support your personal onboarding when you make a purchase within this sharing economy.