How to build out the museum gallery?

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Of course, it is to establish a gallery in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. We all know that the museum can be upgraded. This major update is also the old friend REDD back to the island. We can find him and create art galleries in the museum to show all kinds of artwork.

Redd is a sly fox, so many times we love it again and hate it. Because it likes to add some fakes in the art. But this is also interesting, but also needs to help us unlock the art gallery.

Like other tourists villagers, REDD will randomly appear on our islands within a week, but it is an NPC that loves the sun and the beach. We need to pay attention to the suspicious people in Isabel. Generally, it appears on the top of the map of our island to see the logo of the Redd. You can find it in the nearby square, the first time you can buy real art.

When I met it for the second time, I remember to bring enough ACNH Bells because you will buy a picture from them. Then take the draw to the museum's Blathers. Donate the buying painting to the museum, so you can get the expansion license of the gallery. After two days, the gallery will be completed.

But finding artwork for exhibitions, players need a lot of items. The artwork you can purchase directly to Redd. But whether it is a statue or painting will have a fake. Although this is an interesting game, the player needs to be discriminated against, learn to find true art. Especially for some art details, the players are very careful.

Good art gallery, players can use Nook Miles Tickets to go to other island learning. You can also create yourself to innovate so that the island is more attractive and enhance the island's level. If you are willing to pay to Buy Animal Crossing Bells, your art galleries will be able to lead a lot, your island will also develop more quickly.