They are also the Villagers you hate?

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a famous game, and there are some "famous" villagers in it. Maybe you are using Nook Miles Tickets to go to some new islands to invite local villagers. I don't think I will invite the following people to my island.

Most Annoying Smug Beardo

While characters like Raymond and Marshal are exceedingly popular, both due to their cute character design as well as their charm, you cannot assume all Smug villagers are set up equally like Beardo, by way of example. From his default outfit to his ridiculous body hair, Beardo probably isn't a villager most players would like to have around. Other Smug villagers like Chops the pig, Graham, and Rodney the hamsters, and Hippeux the hippo all are exceedingly annoying, too. It's something concerning character designs, specifically, which make them so annoying. They're either very extravagant-like Chops-or a form of sad-looking-like Rodney-and it also just doesn't mesh well while using Smug personality.

Most Annoying Peppy

The Peppy villager personality enters Animal Crossing could definitely be extremely annoying to many people. These villagers are invariably very upbeat and happy and often talk a lot and intensely quickly. Piper and Twiggy-both bird villagers-are two such annoying characters. Like the annoying Smug villagers, it's something about how exactly they are designed. They are both fairly plain-looking as well as looking like they'd talk concerning friends behind their backs. On the opposite end in this spectrum is Chrissy the rabbit, which's so over-the-top in their character design considering the variety of colors and polka dots that she's too much.

Most Annoying Jock

The Jocks are the most annoying personality types in New Horizons. While some Jocks can be cool, the great majority are unbearable. The Jock personality type in Animal Crossing is indeed very aggressive. These characters cannot stop talking concerning arms or their physical exercises and will always be looking for competition. The most stereotypical ones like Coach the bull only retrieve memories of gym class. Then you will find the unhinged Jocks like Jitters the bird, who seems like he's seen better days.

Then you can find villagers whose character designs like Cobb and Curly the pigs, Cousteau the frog, and Bud the lion. They may not appear to be their Jocks, however, they sure are annoying. The worst with the worst, though, is Moose the mouse. He's very creepy looking, to start, after which he doesn't stop speaking about his abs. While these characters can bring people furniture and other Animal Crossing Items and Animal Crossing Bells. But we have many choices.

Although everyone's favorite villagers may be different in type and personality. So your point of view may be different from mine. If you have the same idea as me, then accept the very discounted Buy ACNH Items event!