A few dos and don'ts about men's branded jeans.

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Men's designer jeans have come a long way since their inception. From the classic straight jeans

Men's designer jeans have come a long way since their inception. From the classic straight jeans, new fashion trends are becoming more and more fancy and taking the world by storm. In this field of clothing, there is a lot of experimentation with patterns. Some of the styles are beyond imagination. Few styles come and go and many change with the seasons. So you need to stay informed and know which styles suit your body.


Designer jeans like Mish Mash, Voi, Fly 53, Jack Jones, Firetrap, Egan, Duck and Cover and others have remained in the jeans market mainly because they have recognized the desires of the buyers. The quality of denim fabric used is excellent, affordable and durable. Most of them are machine washable. Their designs have also given importance to the use of colors. Black, blue and white are not the only color options available. There are also funkier colors as well as more formal colors. You can also find tan and gray sheer jeans, as well as steel gray jeans.


When it comes to the fit of men's designer jeans, you can find styles that use a lot of light and dark washes. Acid wash and the use of stone wash in darker jeans are also common. There are men who have a perfectly chiseled look, and therefore, regular or slim fit jeans work best for them. Not only can you try slim fit jeans, but also slim fit jeans with ankle cuffs and narrower legs. Also, a lower crotch would look good with a perfectly toned body.


Take a picture of your physique first to know which style suits your look. Other than that, all you need to know about jeans is your waist size and length. There are also jeans on the market that have an elastic waistband instead of a buttoned waist. There are also variations in slit styles. You can choose a button fly or a zipper fly. If you want to pair your jeans with a sweatshirt or golf top or polo shirt, you should choose jeans with a sporty look. Such a style is available from Voi Jeans, for example, which is known for its designer jogger jeans. It has ankle cuffs, large buttoned pockets and a drawstring and elastic waist. You should try to avoid wearing sandals with jeans. However, there are many jeans that you can slip your boots into. The slim fit is the best choice for boots.


You should never pair your jeans with boots if you wear regular straight cuts. The shoes go well with them. It is also common for some wearers to pair their jeans with fancy belts. It is the new fashion trend to accentuate jeans with belts. Fancy jeans go well with silver or pewter colored buckles. However, don't try to match regular, formal jeans with the super trendy belts and buckles. Pay attention to the color combinations before choosing one.