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As a student, you may have thought about this at some point. As opined by an expert offering thesis help, these online tools can benefit you, provided that you know how to use them properly.

As a student, you may have thought about this at some point. As opined by an expert offering thesis help, these online tools can benefit you, provided that you know how to use them properly.


A paraphrasing tool is also known as an“article spinner". Students use these tools to rephrase a paragraph or a document or even a single sentence to a desired level of uniqueness without changing the actual meaning.


Essay writer opine that these tools help rewrite a sentence, an article, or a report to help one find different ways of portraying or representing contents and making them unique. In addition, the knowledge of paraphrasing adds to one's writing skills and enhances one's critical thinking power. 


Here are five best paraphrasing tools that are available on the internet as suggested by experts offering thesis help:


Spinner Chief 6


Spinner Chief 6 is a top-rated online paraphrasing tool reviewed by writers offering university assignment help.


It uses Artificial Intelligence as well as Natural Language Processing techniques for analyzing and understanding the content.


Experts associated with MATLAB assignment help say that the software uses Statistical replacement technology, which generates the most accurate synonyms for a word or a phrase. Overall, it creates content that is pretty close to human quality.




Spinbot is a readily available paraphrasing tool available on the internet, and it helps to rephrase a thesis topics statement into a unique and plagiarism-free text.

This online tool is free, and it can spin or rewrite textual contents of approximately one thousand words or ten thousand characters.


Essay writers say that it is an easy-to-use and free tool, and it helps students figure out newer and smarter ways of representing old texts in a better form.





It is one of the most popular online paraphrasing tools, having a summarizer and paraphraser. As opined by university assignment help experts, it helps rewrite sentences and enhances their meaning and readability with the help of using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence.


MATLAB assignment help says that students widely use this tool for crafting legal mails, translating various documents, creating doctoral theses, etc. In addition, this tool is free and provides fast results, and needs minor editing after it does its job.


Pre-post SEO


Pre-post SEO is another effective paraphrasing tool having a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and eliminates any fuss in the path of rephrasing a text or document.


If you need help to reconstruct the statement of your thesis topic, you can use this tool. Pre-post SEO works smoothly on all types of textual content. It rephrases sentences with ease by replacing words with strong and unique synonyms to deliver plagiarism-free content.




Coderduck is a very popular paraphrasing tool available on the internet. This has the capacity ofspinning or rewriting content in various languages. This is a one-click tool and can be used with ease for rephrasing any article or document in different formats, and thus it saves students' time and effort.


This tool helps to generate high-quality and readable content within a blink of an eye and works efficiently on all web browsers.


Manual paraphrasing is a time-consuming and tiresome job. Thus, it is smarter to use an online paraphrasing tool, as they work automatically and eliminate all hassles and fuss involved with spinning content without changing its meaning. All these tools mentioned above have a vast number of satisfied users and deliver content with sheer accuracy.