Kitchen Benchtops NZ

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The Benchtop Guys will help you choose the countertop product that best fits your lifestyle, your personality, and your wallet. Whether you’re upgrading your kitchen countertops or replacing your bathroom vanities, The Benchtop Guys makes your remodeling project a breeze.


Well, probable granite, granite, or quartz. Of course, those substances are long lasting and brilliant. But, why need to continually be those materials for benchtops NZ? Why not a stronger fabric like granite slabs? This kind of countertop is slowly making its way into homes as nicely. Granite is manufactured from clay, pottery cloth, however now not the ordinary clay. The cloth may be opaque or translucent, and it consists of a high percentage of a mineral known together with silica, feldspar, and different mineral oxides. The aggregate of these substances is a massive motive for the energy and sturdiness of granite. Pigmented glazes are added at some stage in the manufacture to provide more color and styles to Granite Slabs. However, granite slabs could be glazed or unglazed. 

Of direction, no floor is stain-proofs. But, granite comes close to it. Because it's a non-porous cloth, liquid won’t be absorbed and the stain happens on the outer layer of the surface which can be easily eliminated and wiped clean off. Moreover, granite slabs are proof against most chemical substances so it received’t etch or get dull spots from liquids and acidic foods. In short, granite slabs are warmness, stain, and chemical resistant.

Granite benchtops NZ are extraordinarily long lasting in comparison to other materials. Granite slabs durability is second to stone and is unaffected via daily put on and tears. Kitchen Benchtops NZ are to be had in a wide range of colours and styles and can be matched with your own home’s décor. On the grounds that granite slabs are made from earth-friendly materials, they are no longer harmful to the environment.

After several years of use, you could recycle and reuse the vintage Kitchen Benchtops NZ. As you see, granite slabs are a versatile material that adds beauty and splendor to your kitchen. Granite Slab fee depends on several factors, such as coloration, pattern, texture, and edge fashion. 

Touch our group for a free quote. Whether or not you're designing a kitchen for your modern day domestic or renovating the vintage kitchen, the kitchen countertop is one of the primary choices. Even as granite countertop might be appropriate for your buddy’s kitchen, it doesn’t mean it works in your kitchen as well. 

You must remember the fact that there's no such component that one-size-suits-all. Every kitchen is precise, and so does their necessities and fashion. Similarly to locating something this is stunning, it's far crucial to ensure the countertop suits your lifestyle. Let’s guide you toward the popular kitchen countertop materials as one of the maximum durable materials on the subject of kitchen countertop. Its miles known as Kitchen Benchtops NZ and composed of loose quartz crystals which are pigmented after which bound together with resin. 

Yes, they resemble herbal stone so intently that many are opting for engineered versions of their designs and colors. Because when as compared Granite, excellent white dolomite cost, granite is pricey. Similarly to practicality, granite gives a sense of luxury. Because of its’ desirability and fee, granite benchtops NZ can add fee to your home and make your kitchen appearance conventional. However, granite is also one of the maximum luxurious picks when it comes to benchtops.