Rotorua Rafting Waterfall

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Kaituna Cascades was the first operator to start rafting the Kaituna River way back in the early 90’s! Long time raft guide and local guru kayaker KEITH HUGHES, started this legendary company in 1991 – Obviously only after a lot of practice runs down the formally considered “un-rafta

The rafting NZ is a great experience for families, business teams, kids at summer camp, or just for some outdoor fun in the water. But the person who is going to be most responsible for a great experience on the river is your rafting guide. Most rivers have a couple of rafting outfitters to choose from, so how can you select one which will provide the best guides? We've done the research for you on what features to look for in the perfect rafting guide. Most rafting NZ outfitters will require this for their guides to be hired. You will also want to make sure that every guide is recertified every year. 

While most river rafting trips are fun, exciting and supremely safe, in the unlikely event of an emergency, there is a world of difference between a guide who is very familiar with CPR and First Aid methods and one who is new to the concepts. Always be sure the rafting company you go with has well-trained guides. Licensed to Paddle In most states, river guides need be licensed by some wing of state government in order to operate river tours. The most common issuers of these certifications are the state itself, departments of wildlife, or forestry departments. 

Rafting companies that operate without certified guides place an extra burden on the environment, and also may not meet the standards of safety training required by the state. Inquire about the certification of river guides at companies you are considering, and make sure that all of the guides with that company are certified. Although it's difficult to tell how knowledgeable a rafting company's guides will be without speaking to them, there are some clues that will help you identify companies with guides who will know interesting facts about the river and surrounding area. 

Check out the website of the rafting NZ Company. Chances are they will put some of their knowledge of the area there. If their site has only general information on rafting and no links to local businesses, you might reconsider your choice. On the other hand, if the website tells you about some of the history of the area as well as recommendations for where to go after your Rotorua Rafting Waterfall adventure, chances are you will be dealing with a company that knows the area and river and imparts similar knowledge on their guides. By selecting a river outfitter with safe, certified, and knowledgeable guides, you are helping to ensure that you and your rafting group will be able to enjoy your ride to the fullest, without being scared or bored.