Boho Style Fringed Statement Necklace

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Boho Style Fringed Statement Necklace Handmade Jewellery from

  • boho style fringed statement necklace
  • rich beading fringes hand weaved by artisan
  • harmonious color combination of red and gold brown with a touch of silver
  • with a beadsu signature push lock closure
  • materials: faceted glass, metal closure, etc.
  • size: 18"
  • weight: 212.5g
  • every piece of Beadsu jewelry is handcrafted and somewhat dedicate in nature handle with care, wearing them gently to ensure your pieces stay beautiful and last a long time.

Please note: due to the handmade nature of our collections, colours patterns may vary slightly from the images shown. Minor differences enhance the beauty uniqueness of each style.

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