Skincare NZ

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At Lumee Cosmetics, we specialise in supplying locally produced natural makeup products and beauty supplies throughout NZ. The products in our range are premium quality, but they also have an affordable price tag. We also believe in shaking up the skincare and makeup industry in NZ.

Natural skincare nz products are the perfect choice for any skin type. Not only do they contain no harsh chemicals, but they work with your skin to prevent the signs of aging. Unfortunately, most traditional skincare lines have harsh ingredients that harm, rather than help your skin. Skincare Products unfortunately, many cosmetic lines contain ingredients that are harmful and have even been linked to certain cancers and other health problems category of ingredients and should be avoided. Why Choose Natural Skincare Product as natural acne skincare means that the products contain oils like olive oil, avocado oil, and familiar ingredients like shea butter, tea tree oil, Vitamin E, mango butter and chamomile.

Green tea is also a popular natural skincare nz product ingredient for its powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nature. Jojoba oil is also a popular choice in skincare products, especially natural acne skincare lines, because jojoba oil can help control acne by regulating the skin’s moisture content without over drying or making skin oily.

Unlike their chemically-based cousins, natural skincare products don’t pollute the environment during production and they aren’t tested on animals.

In contrast, all the chemicals found in traditional skincare products are manufactured in chemical plants somewhere. This often means that poisonous fumes are released into the air, and waste is sent into nearby fresh water bodies like streams and lakes. Many chemicals are also tested on animals to determine any possible side effects.

Choosing natural acne skincare nz products means choosing eco-friendly, organic products that you know aren’t harming the earth, animals or your skin. Natural skincare products are free of harsh substances and will help you maintain younger and healthier looking skin ‘ plus the added benefit of peace of mind because you know exactly what you’re introducing to your body.  Just like women, men need a gentle cleanser to remove impurities. Companies have created cleansers that take into consideration the distinct type of cleansing that men need. Usually, a man's skin can tolerate more than a woman's. The skin is significantly thicker and tougher. However, this does not mean that harsh chemicals should be used. Instead, by using potent natural elements like sea protein and essential oils the skin is thoroughly cleaned without being stripped of natural moisture.

Men should also include a daily moisturizer into their skincare routine. Most men's moisturizers do not leave behind a greasy residue, and some are even fragrance-free. A good natural makeup nz for men will also include an SPF for protection from the sun's harmful rays. Also, men should be sure to purchase a moisturizer that is oil-free, which will not clog pores or cause blemishes.

While many men think that their skincare stops with a cleanser and moisturizer, they should also include shaving care in their regimen. A nutrient-rich natural makeup nz, gel, or balm will allow a razor to glide more smoothly over skin, and an after-shave product will reduce the risk for red bumps or other irritation. An after-shave product that moisturizes as well will be even more beneficial.