How To Find Best Immigration Consultants in Bangalore?

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A Novus immigration service is the best consultancy for getting Canada PR visa. They help the clients with proper guidance for applying visa and how to apply step by step.

Canada is the top immigration destination for skilled workers all over the world because of world class education, professional workers and social status. So immigrating to Canada with the help of Canada immigration office in Chennai is an easy task with simple process. You must find the best immigration consultants in Bangalore for settling in abroad. For settling in Canada there are some procedure before you apply and eligibility necessary.


The most important thing in visa consultant is finding a best Canada immigration consultant in Bangalore. There are five steps for finding best visa consultant


  • Read their online articles, products and services
  • Then visit the office
  • Verify their knowledge and how much they famous
  • Visa consultancy is not guaranteed be aware of fraudulent signs
  • Finally tell about your expectations.


Also there is big chance to get permanent residency visa in Canada with the help of iccrc registered consultants in Bangalore.


If you having dreamed to fly to Canada fulfill with our best immigration consultants, feel free to call them.


Why should choose a best consultant for visa process ?

  • They are experienced and famous in their field
  • Makes your Canada visa process comfortable
  • Helps you to choose best visa program using profile
  • 100% guaranteed


If you are looking for guidance feel free to call us @ +1 (403) 255-8810


Eligibility for Canada immigration

There are some criteria for visa application .Let us know what is the eligibility for flying to Canada. For eligibility you need 67out of 100 points.


  • First factor is age (maximum 12 points)
  • Education (maximum 25 points)
  • Experience(maximum 15 points)
  • Language skills( maximum 28 points)
  • Arranged employment in Canada( maximum 10 points)
  • Adaptability(maximum 10 points)


So these factors determine the Canada immigration.


How to apply for Canada visa?

There are nine steps for getting Canada visa. Let’s see how to get.

  • Collect all the documents and get verified
  • Get your score card
  • Check your eligibility for express entry pathway
  • Then complete your educational credential assessment
  • Submit the application on portal and note down the tracking number
  • Wait for few minutes to get the invitation to apply from IRCC
  • After receiving submit the final application
  • Finally get your visa stamped and get ready for flying to Canada.


Are looking for best visa consultants connect with us by booking consultation we will guide you.


Benefits of hiring a consultant for your visa process

  • They help in visa selection
  • Understands our opinion and solves the issues
  • They help us to make our application well presented
  • Verified documentation and process
  • Also suggest alternative options


How much Canada immigration consultant charge for visa process?

The fees may vary from consultant to consultant. Let see the category.

  • Primary candidate fee: approx 40,660 INR
  • Secondary candidate fee: approx 41,660 INR
  • Child fee under age of 22: approx 11,000 INR



US immigration consultants in Bangalore provide best facilities for Canada visa process and selection. Also gives proper guidance for completing it. A Canada immigration consultant provides best customer service with politeness and patience. Also approach customers in smiling face. If you are in need of Canada visa contact us for any help we are there to guide you.


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