Baseball: The Field And Dimensions

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Baseball: Its Impact On Youth And Its Magical Balance

Learn some facts about the field and dimensions of the beautiful game of baseball.


Baseball is shot through with excellence, artistic beauty, and various aspects of the game.


The Field and its Dimensions


Baseball presently is pretty much an urban sport, nonetheless continues the pastoral game and serves as a reminder of an unlimited range of green to concrete wildernesses. The heart of the field is the diamond home to 1st to 2nd and 3rd and back home with 90 feet between each base. It turns out that both batted ball speeds and human running speeds conspire to make those dimensions perfect themselves, 89 and 91 would upset the delicate balance.


The diamond shape gives each base a unique character. First base is just a 30-yard dash away, just enough time for your opponent’s deft infield to throw your ass out with a clean scoop and throw. But if you can get to second, you’re suddenly in “scoring position,” which is to say you have the likelihood of scoring a run on any base hit to the outfield. But second is hard to gain as it is the shortest throw for infielders and outfielders alike, though, if you want to steal the base, it is the farthest throw for the catcher. Going to third, you gain an advantage; it usually takes a perfect throw from the outfield to “get” a runner going to third.


Old-Time Puzzler: There’s a man who’s afraid to go home because there’s a man waiting for him there wearing a mask. What’s going on?


The man is not just wearing a mask, he’s wearing a chest protector and shin guards too! And you’ve got to get by him if he gets the ball in time in order to get home and be safe so that you score!


The pitcher’s rubber is 60 feet 6 inches from the home plate. Studies have revealed that if it were 60 feet defense would dominate the game. If it were 61 feet, the offense would dominate. The rubber is precisely where it should be.


There have been people who have been privileged to walk a few professional ballfields. Up close they are immaculate, things of pure beauty! Get Anthony Rizzo shirts.


The Athleticism


Baseball differs from all other sports in the athleticism required. At baseball academy, their stressed Vision - Balance - Awareness. That’s quite a bit different from the usual higher, faster, stronger formula. More than any other sport, ballplayers are taxed in the gray matter between the ears and must have what it takes in their eyes. Not just have it but point it through endless skills repetition.


You must be in exceptional condition to play the game at a high level, but the game is not so physically taxing there’re long stretches of standing around between brief bursts of intense action as it is wearing from the volume of sheer mental concentration required. Ballplayers must be mentally, visually, and athletically acute, and that leads to plays of balletic beauty.