Sonic Toy | Sonic The Hedgehog 7" Sonic Plush Figure

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Here are some of the ways how you can simply start an action figure collection.

The first step is to define your area of interest, classic, sports/racing, antique specialty, etc. Then you need to define your budget which is the thing that will inevitably decide the size of your collection and how quickly it becomes a reality.


Once you have decided on which type of cars you want to collect or even if you have not decided find a club or group to join, either a local or internet-based group or club. One of the best resources a collector can have is other collectors, they often have either parts, cars or sometimes they’re competing for collection for sale.


One other thing you need to define is your level of knowledge expertise about the cars you wish to have in your collection. Also, remember if you want to keep your collection enjoyable you must keep it affordable. Whether your collection is a single-vehicle you keep in your garage at home or if you are on the same level as Jay Leno, you should be proud of it and be willing to show it to others.


Starting a collection for the sake of starting it? Never think like that. Collecting things should come naturally. Many people are just fascinated with the designs of coins. Make a habit of keeping your items safe and documenting them. Make a list of your items, their origin, and possibly the year of make. Study about them and try to obtain more. Make your collection in a way that it can be displayed. You can improvise yourself and make it suited to it the way you like.


Here are few steps that can assist you in simply starting a Funko Action Figure collection or anything else that you want to collect.


Step 1: Find an online community dedicated to whatever you’re interested in collecting. Introduce yourself as new to the hobby, and ask for advice.


Step 2: You will be recommended a lot of books or action figures from these communities, buy them and study about them. Make sure to replace them with newer, more accurate editions as time goes by.


Step 3: Visit museums that have examples of the object you collect. If possible, schedule ‘white glove’ appointments to handle the objects in question. Nothing beats handling the real deal to get a good idea of what you should be looking for.


Step 4: Visit local and online estate sales, auction houses, and retailers to get an impression of prices and market dynamics for your area of interest.


Step 5: Estate sales, thrift shops, and small/online auctioneers will be your best bet to pick up good examples of the more affordable examples of your chosen collectible.


Step 6: Sell and auction early pieces of your collection to finance the acquisition of better pieces.

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