7 Earrings Styles You Should Own

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Do you know how many types of earrings are there that can actually uplift your look? Have you found the earring styles that go with your LBDs?

People belonging to different cultures wore different styles of earrings that symbolized their traditions and beliefs. With time wearing earrings symbolized one’s taste and preferences. Today one can easily judge a person by the type of accessories worn by him/her. 

Below listed are a few not so common earring statements one should possess to never remain outdated and continue to remain deeply connected with the roots.


  • Boho design earrings- 


This variety of earrings is suitable for those who love to experiment with their attires, accessories and looks. These may be available in chandelier style, tassel style or the long earring designs falling off the shoulder. They are available in various floral/regal patterns or are composed of precious gemstones, beads etc. They also suit every kind of face cut and complexion. These earrings are apt for daily wear to the office or formal events as well. They are designed aesthetically and are crafted beautifully by designers. These are available in both gold and diamond.

They are quite lightweight and are the best choice for those who look for light earring designs.



  • Classic stud earrings- 


These are the perfect earring for daily wear, but can also be worn on special occasions. They are quite small and can be personalized with a designer diamond piece. Studs are low-maintenance jewellery pieces and are suitable for different skin tones and shapes.

Studs with mismatched designs are suitable for those who wish to wear a bold and odd look. Many people prefer wearing mismatched designer studs with uneven hoops. Many people are buying diamond studs earrings as they are a jewellery box staple and one of the most popular styles of earrings.



  • Diamond accented earrings- 


Designer diamond earrings are available in different shapes, sizes and colours. One can also customize diamond earrings with addition of coloured gemstones/gold. They are a good example of elegance and laconism. While buying earrings one should preferably buy the shape of the earrings which are exactly opposite to the shape of the face.


  • Hoops- 


Hoops are mostly circular or oval-shaped that are big, bold and classy. They are made of either gold or silver. They go best with western attires and should be worn in small informal functions or office parties where one has to wear fashionable accessories. Cluster pearl hoops, multicolour beaded hoops and hoops with jhumkas are an essential staple of every jewellery wardrobe. For a glamorous look, one can opt for a pair of diamond hoops.

Diamond earrings with a pearl hoop are one such excellent combination of designer diamond jewellery and hanging hoops. The pearl hanging at the bottom of the earring gives it a little volume and looks perfect with traditional and modern attires. The pearl hanging at the bottom of the earring gives it a little volume and looks perfect with traditional and modern attires.



  • Jhumkas- 


Jhumkas or the traditional bell-shaped earrings are one of the few pieces which have travelled a long way from the times of monarchs to the current times. These are great to pair with traditional Indian attires. Jhumkas give a trendy as well as antique look and blend with different fabrics.  


  • Ear cuffs- 


An ear cuff is a type of earring that travels along the outer curve of the ear. They typically contain many connection points and are evenly spaced along the ear curve. This type of design never gets out of fashion. One can customize the look by adding different coloured diamonds, gemstones to enhance the overall look. They are the perfect pair of earrings for those who want to carry heavy jewellery in style.

The simplicity of the ear cuff means it can be easily paired with stud, hoop and drop earrings. Buying diamond ear cuffs is a new trend that is going to be opted by women in the modern era.



  • Tear drop-


 Teardrop earrings is another form of drop earring that looks like a teardrop. They hang down slightly attached to a teardrop-shaped stone or a designer diamond piece.

Accessories and jewellery are a form of self-expression and self-love. There are a plethora of styles and designs available in the market. One must choose the designs which express themselves, their likes and dislikes.