5 tips to think about whether it is worth buying or renting a property

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Is it worth buying or renting a property?

With the quarantine caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, people are spending more time inside their own homes and have begun to notice about the possibility of living in a larger space, with care in the landscaping and even away from large urb


The demand for properties with a balcony grew 128% in May compared to the same period in 2019, according to the survey by Imovelweb.

Despite the recession, the demand for real estate has increased, according to a DataZap survey, 60% of Brazilians believe that the current scenario is the best time to acquire a property.

Although the dream of owning a home is real, some still feel insecure and have doubts about choosing between buying or renting a property.

Thinking about it, the companies Bild Desenvolvimento Imobiliário and Vitta Residencial , developers and builders who value quality in the civil construction market, have separated some tips to facilitate when choosing between buying or renting.

Selic rate: the basic interest rate was reduced to 2%, considered the smallest cut in history. This ends up influencing the financing rate with a lower value as well as interest. This ends up making the most propitious time to buy the property, either in cash or financed.

Properties with attractive values: with the fall in the Selic rate, the tendency is that the sector tends to grow, generating more opportunities for researching real estate prices.

According to Abrainc (Brazilian Association of Real Estate Developers), of 38 companies, considered the largest in the sector, 97% aim to launch projects in 2021. In addition, 87% of companies believe that sales will increase.

Safer investment: Residential purchase has always been considered a safe investment. If the property is well located and has good infrastructure, it is possible to have a positive income, as it keeps its value invested even with the low market.

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Constant valuation: between buying or renting property, in the first option there is valuation, in the second there is a monthly cost for a space that is not a personal asset. In other words, the greater the demand for properties, the greater the appreciation.

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If insecurity is in not knowing, for example, if you want to live for a long time in one place, see the purchase of the property as an investment. Because you will be investing in a space that you still have the possibility to generate income in the future.

Generation of equity: when buying a property, there will be generation of equity, so you will not be paying for something that is not yours.

The growth of the real estate sector continues with everything, as it has proved to be an area of ​​greater appreciation in the medium and long term. And each time the potential for appreciation is increased, the greater the demand for real estate.

So, putting it on the tip of the pencil and thinking about a future good, the scenario favors the purchase of real estate instead of preferring rent. However, it is very important to always think about what fits in the family budget before making any decisions.