Electrical Invercargill

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At TelePower Ltd, we offer a wide range of electrical, data, communication and heat pump installation and repair to domestic, commercial and industrial clients in Southland. Our team is made up of four registered Master Electricians.

Yes, a plumbing issue can cause water damage, but an electrical problem can lead to electrocutions and house fires. It is essential that you have an electrician check the electrical wiring of your house at least once a year. Otherwise, you are increasing the likelihood that a problem will occur.

Even with regular maintenance, there is still a chance that an electrical Invercargill issue may pop up in your house. Here are the most common electrical problems and their solution though surges are common, if the surges are frequent it can affect the electrical appliances. You must call an electrician to find the cause of frequent surges and fix it. It is better to call the emergency electrician and fix it as early as possible, as it can suddenly start a fire. The circuit breaker tips automatically when too much of electricity flows through it to keep the electrical system from overheating or causing more damage.

If it trips frequently, something may be seriously wrong with some electrical wires. Just call the electrician and get them checked. Outlets can wear out and go dead. If you have already tried to reset any breakers or safely and they still don’t work, the problem could be due to a poor connection in the circuit. If you see any signs of blackening around the outlet plug, do not use it frequent burning out of bulbs if your lights burn often, it may be due to high wattage, poor wiring, and more voltage on a dimmer switch. Your home’s electrical Invercargill system may be out-dated and won’t be efficient in supplying power to the appliances, lighting, and electronics. Hire the electrical contractors and check your home electrical system. If it seems like a good idea to hire a do-it-all handyman or a I-can-fix-that brother in law to save money, the homeowner may be in for a shock if the electrical needs are more involved than a light bulb change.

Electricity isn't anything to mess with, and should be left to professionals. Many homeowners fancy themselves as handy enough to install a light fixture or a new light switch, but even these seemingly easy tasks can be fraught with danger and code violations occur within the fixture or switch.

Things like adding extra outlets to accommodate all the electrical Invercargill equipment now ubiquitous in modern life are without question something that should be left to a licensed electrician not only because it is dangerous, but such work can also have an effect on the whole home's electric load that might require additional breakers or other safety measures. Only a professional is equipped and trained to understand the big picture.