Is Food Packaging Bottle Sustainable And Practical?

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Is the trend of using paper packaging for Food Packaging Bottle sustainable?

Is the trend of using paper packaging for Food Packaging Bottle sustainable?

Until recent years, the concept of paper bottles seemed contradictory at best, but in the pursuit of sustainable packaging, innovation continued to break down barriers and ideally align with recycling.

As a result, major brands have renewed interest in paper bottles. Although it is not a new product, activities are increasing. This is undoubtedly triggered by the anti-plastic sentiment sweeping the world.

Beginning in 2015, and continuing from 2015 to last month, historical samples of packaging abstract features revealed a mix of old and new in these paper bottle references in various markets, from spirits to beer to detergents.

Carlsberg Brewing Carlsberg Brewing
A year ago, Carlsberg launched two new research prototypes of green fiber bottles, both made of sustainably sourced wood fiber, fully recyclable, and equipped with an internal barrier that allows bottles to be filled with beer. One prototype uses a thin recycled PET polymer film barrier, and the other prototype uses a 100% bio-based PEF polymer film barrier.

What is behind the recent announcement about paper bottles in the beverage market?
The paper bottle used in the beverage market is not a new innovation. It has been developed in collaboration with other brands such as Coca-Cola Company, Carlsberg, and a start-up company called Paboco for several years. Carlsberg was the first company and in 2016 called for pulp bottles to replace glass bottles. It seeks different partners to achieve this goal. Although the concept of paper bottle is not new, it can be regarded as an emerging trend, because its popularity and recognition are rising, more and more brands and industries, such as personal care brands such as L'Oreal, Paper bottles are also used.

A series of paper bottles are not arranged proportionally from left to right: Diageo Johnnie Walker, Thrifty Wine Bottle and Absolute Vodka.

What is the difference between Diageo, PepsiCo, and Frugalpac's paper bottles?
Diageo partnered with Pilot Lite (a risk management company) to create Pulpex. Diageo’s Johnnie Walker paper bottle and Pepsi’s announcement are the same technology and application: using paper bottles instead of glass/plastic bottles for beverages. Frugal Bottle is also a very similar technology, and its target application is the same as Pulpex.

The loss of transparency is the main disadvantage of staying away from plastic packaging. What are the shortcomings?
People often suggest using paper instead of plastic packaging, even more than bioplastics. Several companies are turning to paper packaging to reduce the use of plastic.

However, currently available data indicate that paper packaging usually requires several times the quality to achieve the same function as its plastic counterpart. Therefore, in addition to the carbon footprint, the overall environmental impact of paper is often higher. In addition, replacing plastic with paper may cause serious supply problems. Paper is a short-term solution that will only shift the burden of packaging issues.

The 750mL Frugal Bottle manufactured by Frugalpac is made of 94% recycled cardboard with a food-grade lining and weighs only 83 grams, which is five times lighter than a glass bottle. An independent life cycle analysis by Intertek found that its carbon footprint is six times (84%) lower than that of glass bottles and more than one-third less than bottles made of 100% rPET.

Is the cost of paper bottles higher than plastic?
All paper products are packaging and usually have a premium of 10-20 cents per piece. This is a major challenge hindering the adoption of paper packaging. To overcome this problem, the industry has been adopting a wider range of raw materials by using agricultural waste fibers as well as hardwood and softwood fibers. It is hoped that by using waste fiber, the company can achieve more sustainability and reduce costs, thereby reducing the price premium of the product.

After learning so much about paper bottles, what I want to tell you is that, in fact, the current paper bottle technology still has a long way to go. Perhaps at this stage, plastic bottles are still suitable for you.
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