Future of AWS Cloud Computing

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Today, more than a thousand customers are using Amazon Web Services (AWS) in an attempt to execute faster, more scalable software at lower IT costs. AWS is an evolving cloud calculating program from Amazon.com.

AWS Course in Noida

The extremely customizable cloud computing service provider, AWS has the potential of being the era-defining cloud service provider. In a brief period of time, it has envisaged an extremely trusted and rapidly expanding cloud infrastructure within its reach—a league that is further growing and dominating the computer and IoT market. It is through these defining parameters that one can easily foresee the tremendous change in cloud computing, dominated by AWS. Unlike its contemporary kinds, AWS aims at greater affordability, customization, and “get what I want!” forces of the modern-day market.

Market Expansion to Battle Competition


With the blasting expansion of digitalization and IoT (especially thanks to smartphone industries), the area of cloud consumption is indeed vast; vast enough that it can and will support the competitors. But, given that the consumer’s discretion is wise, one would opt for AWS at least for a trial, which seems, will be appealing enough to the consumers to embracing it forever. Other competitors are also well equipped, though. Long-tail cloud use cases that AWS won’t optimize and will continue to spring up. Today’s long-tail use case may be the size of the entire 2017 cloud computing market 10-12 years down the line: Google, Digital Ocean, Microsoft are well-positioned to pick up what Amazon is proud to offer. But, as far as “need of the hour” is concerned, AWS has a better edge over these competitors.

With its expanding wings where AWS has already shaken hands with Nokia for 5G, IoT and cloud services, it is further attracting the attention and trust of the cloud consumers/service providers. People are willing to collaborate with AWS due to the gravity built around it. Apart from the goodwill privileges, AWS also readily caters to the modern-day needs of cloud services. It allows its customers to have at their disposal a full-fledged virtual cluster of computers, available all the time, through the internet. Therefore, with its doubly tightened bow, AWS Cloud Services will surely overshadow its counterparts and expand its reach as time progresses.

AWS Competitive Market Strategies

In a practical sense, any company won’t need more than one server until it has users it cannot accommodate. But, in consideration of cost reduction, one might as well rethink over maximizing the profit margin and that’s where AWS will stand high and apart. Having the low-margin monopoly in its DNA, Amazon will sweep away the wandering expensive service providers. In the flux of growing enlightenment vis-à-vis cloud computing and its abounding expenses, likewise, companies will obviously cut down their cost too to battle the competition, but to what end? They also have to keep up the brand value (as it has been so far carried). They offer services, which AWS also offers, at relatively higher prices. In the event, ultimately the consumer will be benefitting due to the cutthroat competition and search for market domination. The prices will be marked down so low that cloud services become cheaper than internet connections. Had the infrastructure not been this wide, with this kind of demand that we see nowadays, the same consumers would be facing crisis instead.