Ice gel eye mask has a calming effect

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Ice gel eye mask has a good shading effect on the eyes.


Ice gel eye mask has a good shading effect on the eyes. Of course, its main function is to block light, eliminate infection, and create a suitable sleeping environment for users. It is more suitable for use during daytime or outdoor rest, such as taking a break at noon or taking an airplane. , Used in the car.

Since the material used in the ice mask is a natural soft cotton product, this product is very comfortable to the touch, and there are only two layers of cotton material in the eye mask, which can better ensure that the sun is not exposed, especially when the face is strong The rays of the sun.

The shading effect of ice eye mask is very obvious. It is used for eye health care. The material of ice eye mask is different from that of warm eye mask. The material used in many ice eye masks has calming and soothing effects, so ice eye mask can be used for Eye care.

Many friends who go to work and school often face the computer, or concentrate on books, and let the eyes look at the same thing for a long time, which will make the eyes tired. Therefore, in order to better protect our eyes, we need to liberate our eyes and make our eyes better. Resting, wearing an ice pack on the eyes can promote blood circulation, relieve eye congestion, prevent dark circles, eye bags and other conditions, and have a good health effect on the eye.

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