OSRS Barrows Guide(with High/Low/Med/Low-Level Setups)

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If you've already completed the course, it is also beneficial.

For the requirements, you may need to have more than -30 magic attack bonus and nine prayer bonuses.
You need to have completed the Priest in Peril quest and the Restless Ghost quest as well as Nature's Spirit quest for the quests that you have to do before you do barrows.

If you've already completed the course, it is also beneficial.

Underground Pass
Horror from the Deep
Lost City quest.
Minimal Low-Level Setup
It is possible that you require prayers of level 43, levels 60 attacks as well as level 60 strength and level 40 defense to be considered to be a low-level set-up. Level 50 magic, zero range, 60 HP and level 50 spells are all viable options.

The gear could be as high as 500,000. You also don't need to use much prayer potions for this system. If you don't have the book of balance you could use it. A brooder shield may be utilized. For food and potions, bring five to six prayer potions and a super attack potions and a super strength pot as well as a restore potion and a stamina pot. You can also use mystic boots and an attack tool that is specifically designed for.

Recommended Low-Level Statistics/Gear
In this setup, you'll need level 43 prayer, level 60 attack, level 60 strength, level 60 defense Level 50 magic, 50 levels of range, and 70 HP. The setup is 1,000,000. Here you will need to make use of rune arrows. Also, you might want to consider the Neitiznot Helm and Dragon Boots.

Medium Level Setup
You may want to have prayer levels of 43 Level 70 attack, level 70 strength, 70 defense 50 magic levels 60 range and 70 HP for the intermediate stage. This could be as high as 5,000,000 or more. Make use of a platebody from Torag instead of a Dharok's platebody. Use Dharok's top. Use a defender with the dragon dagger if you are equipped with it. Use melee over magic at a medium level too.

High-Level Setup
You may also want to bring teleports or Ice spells to help you reach higher levels. If you have a lot of stats, Zul'rah may be an excellent option. The level 70 is the best level for prayer , and 75 for attacks. Level 70 strength defense, level 70 strength and levels 75 magic 85 HP and level 70 magic are all acceptable.

Barrows Location
You can make use of the Canifis Teleport, Barrows Teleport, or the Canifis Teleport to reach the destination.

Strategy: Barrows Brothers Order
It is best to start with Dharok and move on to Verak, Ahrim, Karil, Guthan, and Torag.
This is accomplished by praying first against the top priority, then moving on to the next. It is more beneficial to concentrate your prayers on those hardest to pray against than at the lower levels. You might end up dying in the end if you are at a low level and make the strongest the most formidable opponents.
For the locations, you start in the Northeast first, then Northwest followed by the center in South Then the middle region to Ahrim and then Southeast to Guthan, and finally Southwest to Guthan. Torag.

Dharok can be located in the Northeast who uses melee and whose attack is increased because of the lack of HP. Dharok has a maximum damage of 64 with 1 HP and special damage to heal. Dharok is vulnerable to magic, so you need to pray to be able to melee at all times.

Verac can be found Northwest and is invulnerable to magic, with a max damage of 15 with prayer on. Verak can also hit through armor and even pray. Additionally, it is recommended to be praying melee.

Karil is located in the South. You must be praying for Karil. Karil can decrease the agility of your character by 20 points. He's also weak to magic and melee. You may want to use an Iban staff to defeat him.

Ahrim is found in the middle of the room The center of the map, and he's ineffective at range with a max hit of 20. Ahrim can reduce your attack, defense, as well as your power. After fighting him, use a restore dose.

Both are vulnerable to magic and are nearly identical in areas where you have to pray to melee. With Guthan located in the southeast, his maximum hit of 24. Torag in the southwest has a maximum hit of 23. Guthan can also steal your health. Both are more difficult to kill than one. They also shoot poorly. They can be killed easily.

Method Barrows
To play the Barrows mini-game, you just have to dig with a spade over the mound and enter the tomb. Once you enter the tomb once every 20 seconds, your prayers will be drained.
Each brother and then take the stairs to go away. It may be beneficial to kill each brother in less than 20 seconds as not to drain your prayer. Prepare your prayer and gear before you enter. Before you enter the crypts, kill the brothers.

You will need to locate your reward chest once you are in the crypts.
The path is random You can always be able to teleport away if you need to. There will also be challenges, here's the solution.
Tips and tricks
Hold and right-click to activate the duel ring, so you won't be interrupted by dangers. While praying, do not equip any items that are negative to magic attacks. Be cautious when opening doors, as brothers can appear at the same time. If you're playing at the lower levels it is possible to recognize melee brothers.

Safespotting Barrows
Get them captured on the opposite side. After that, you should disable your run and then attack the brothers. This shouldn't be used against Dharok. Run away by holding down the control key.