Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy
If you have just gotten a dog or have only had one for a short time you might be wondering about how to keep it health

Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy
If you have just gotten a dog or have only had one for a short time you might be wondering about how to keep it healthy. Dogs need daily care just like humans do. If they don't get the right care then their health will suffer. So let's look closer at how to care for your dog.
First of all, your dog needs proper nutrition to be healthy. Buy the right food for them according to their age. Puppies grow better on food specially designed for their needs. Adult dogs would probably gain too much weight on puppy food though. Your senior dog may yet need another food. Consult with your veterinarian on which food for what age group. Do not overfeed your dog either this can lead to obesity.
Just like with humans obesity in dogs can cause them health problems. They have a hard time getting around for one thing. This could bring on arthritis for the dog too. Added weight can also be hard on the heart. So be careful how much and what you feed your dog.
The dog needs plenty of water available to it. It needs to be kept hydrated. Water is so important to all life forms for their cells to function within their bodies. Therefore dogs cannot have good health without it.

Dogs are for the most part very social animals. This means they need love and attention. They need to be petted and talked to. This makes them know that they are loved and cared for. Many times dogs will become more attached to the person who feeds them and loves on them the most.
Regular visits to the veterinarian for the required shots and checkups are important too. You want to protect your dog from heartworms, rabies, and the other various things vaccines and medicine can prevent in them. Also you want to catch any health problems early.
Brush your dog's teeth on a regular basis to prevent tooth decay. A dog's health can be drastically affected if they cannot eat in a normal manner because of problem teeth. So brushing its teeth along with having the vet check them will keep them in good shape. Exercise is so important for your dog just like it is for you. You can go on long walks with it, or just play ball in the yard with it. My dog likes a good game of chase for her exercise. Exercising keeps any dogs muscles in good form while keeping the heart in good shape too. Of course with an older dog you will need to make sure they do not get overly tired.
In the hot summer months, it is important that the dogs not get overheated. They can get too hot and even die in some cases. So make sure they are indoors or in shade during the hottest part of the day and that they have plenty of water.
Follow the above tips and you will have a very healthy dog. A dog becomes such a part of your family that you want them to live a long time. Feed and water your dog, love your dog, exercise it and you will have one happy healthy pooch.