Second thing they could do to improve NBA 2K21

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Since these gamemodes are unplayable Among those things NBA 2K21 MT NEEDS next year to do is update myleague mygm. Myleague has potential to be the very best gamemode by much but 2K is lazy. Because that's their money maker, they focus on mycareer. I feel as though they might have done so much more than just recreating NBA 2K21 but using archetypes and mygm being different but slow. They didn't even upgrade the hud. Among the things that they need to definitely do to earn myleague more fun would be just add rosters that are historic. Not the drafts we don't require that. I wan't to perform myleague in a calendar year that is different.

Not just always the exact same year. Yeah you will find user but these are bad as fuck. It's only 09 and 84 that are great. I tried using the 15-16 one and trae was in NBA 2K21 and dlo was enjoying for its warriors?? It'd be so much more easy if 2K added those rosters You know what could be fun? If you were able to choose teams and add them to the 2020 roster instead of simply the rockets or whatever group they've at the 80 period but every group. That is asking for a bit much but it would make me happy if they added every roster since 2000 at NBA 2K21 and perhaps a few rosters from MJ's time too because 2K has been making these games because something or 2000.

Second thing they could do to improve NBA 2K21 with a great deal is do rating updates. The evaluation updates now are not even great. Third thing that they should do is make the simulation faster than 1 game a fucking minute. I'm not asking for much and it'll make NBA 2K21 so much better. They need people state who's good and who isn't and to look at basketball and adding the rosters back because myleague will probably be a good deal faster due to the next gen consoles. Now for MyGM. Once I make the hawks go from 14 wins do not fire me? Make it quicker and more easy to simulate. The job thing is retared tbh.

There ought to be choices it is fucking annoying to perform with MyGM why would I? Give me a reason to play with it. 2K is a fucking trillionaire firm. They could make this occur. There is not a 2K because everyone want's something different but there's a 2K and this season definitely is not a 2K. They did such a bad job at creating Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins feel fresh. I reinstalled 2K19 and simmed 1 year into the future everyone to the group and it seems exactly the same. That is so fucking dumb EA is doing a better job than 2K than making NBA 2K21 feel fresh.