Well some fuck broke into our apartment

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My bf and I both play Old School OSRS gold on cellular and our notebooks. Well some fuck broke into our apartment and of course notebooks. They were crap laptops anyways. So we are currently looking into getting better gaming notebooks. He doesnt care as long as he be able to record his gameplay while he performs rather than be laggy and could play with OSRS. I on the other hand want to start streaming on twitch, therefore I wan na t be sure I get a notebook that'll be able to handle not and streaming on twitch affecting my gameplay and stuff. I dont want na buy the best of the best or anything and go balls to the 16, since I'm only testing the waters.

Fundamentally run osrs without it being laggy, and having the ability to record/ and be flowing on twitch easily, is what I wanna start with. I figure if the twitch thing is what I wan na na pursue then I can always upgrade my gear as needed. We also have done some searching online and are equally noobs but there is just so much to process I thought it might be easier to inquire Reddit. So if anybody acquainted with twitch and OSRS streaming or merely recording gameplay or anybody who knows their shit can give us some recommendations on a good gaming notebook to look into and stuff.

So I currently have the Helios 300 with the this item plays anything I can throw at it and 1060 match. I've never done Twitch streaming although I would think you'd be OK using the Nitro. Have you used any apps that record while you playwith? Someone had sent me a chunk of them murdering me and I had inquired what they used and it had been a kind of Nivida software, but could save the last like 30 sec or something like that.I believe there is built in software on this Helios 300 that can do that, but I have never done anything with it. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

I have been reading thru some of those gaming notebook communities and maintain seeing people meantipning that the Acer Nirto 5 and have yet to observe a bad.review onto it. Most of them appear to be people being amazed with it... so I am kinda leaning towards it. Plus it's the only one k can locate with the specs I want for under $1,000. usd. Cause like I said, I'm only testing the waters with the whole streaming item, and even $880.39 after taxes and shit is still quite an investment to get a laptop.There is a recent post on this particular subreddit about a dell gaming laptop using a 2060 for 979$ that I think is a very good price for an RTX card.

One thing I despise with nvidia cards that are current is that the naming scheme and also my biggest question mark is the occurrence of the GTX 1650. However, the ti is obviously better. However, if price is a concern I would advise looking for Buy RS gold a bargain on rtx 2060 notebook such as that dell. Have you looked? Just like all of that stuff, Webcam and a Mic? I would not mind doing that myself especially with all the notebook I have coming.