Tips to Help You Get Better at Rocket League

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When taking up a game that is competitive in nature, it's a good idea for beginners to look up some tips and tricks that will give them a better handle on some of the basic concepts. The idea behind Rocket League is quite simple — it's a game of soccer with rocket powered vehicles. In Rocket League, you'll quickly learn that the opponents you face are pretty unforgiving. Here are some tips and tricks that will de-mystify Rocket League for beginners.


Reading tips and advice is fine and dandy, but putting them into practice is another matter entirely. Putting these tips into practice against other players can also be difficult, since you will most likely be focused on the match and will only be able to apply these techniques situationally. Fortunately for you, the Rocket League community is aware of the game's steep learning curve, and has made custom training packs to create highly specific drills for you to hone your skills.

While we wont highlight any specific Rocket League drills, you wont have much trouble finding courses for almost anything you want to learn and practice. The drills are available as codes that you search for, so you can start your training at a moment's notice. However, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind.

First, we highly suggest you run drills that have a complementary video showcasing how the actions are performed. There is no shortage of these on YouTube by highly skilled players, so this shouldn't be a problem. Second, you want to find drills that are appropriate for your skill level. A highly skilled player's drills may be much too complex or challenging for you to attempt if you're only just starting.

Choosing a car

There are many different cars to choose from. While there is no “best” car in the game there are some which are better than others. There are two ways to figure out which cars are “useful” in gameplay, firstly you can play and use different cars to identify which is better. Second is to look at the cars being used by pro players. Cars like Octane, Batmobile, breakout etc are amongst the most used.


This seems obvious, but you’ll be amazed at how often it gets overlooked, especially during faceoffs. It's incredibly frustrating when you give up two-second goal after a faceoff simply because no one was there to stop it.

Pay attention to the distribution of players at the start of the game. If you're the only one back, it's your responsibility to stay back because you're the only player with the ability to do so.

Don’t waste boost

Even though boost regenerates quickly, you might find yourself in situations when you really need it and it won't be available. Instead of using boost often , simply hold your joystick forward and double-press the jump button to perform a “lunge forward”. Doing this a few times will let you reach the same speed as a boost.


Having all players charge at the ball will create more chaos than anything. By doing this your goal is also left in the open. If you by chance lose possession of the ball the opposition will inevitably score a goal. But when you are rotating in a 4v4 match, 2 players will be incharge of offence and the other two for defence. This might get a little tricky in 2v2 but will get easier the more you play.

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