Require Different Abilities

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Just something interesting for the combat stats grind, but I dig it.I was so nervous seeing this.I was with my nose on my screen that last measure god which dopamine hit in the end was real.Going against the grain here but that is the first video I felt uneasy watching. 37 long days to grind out something that had zero purpose. Two months to get a whip of Temple Trekking? Meaningful, although absurd. This? Ok. I expect settled is actually okay.That's why I gave 3 other real productive reasons for doing it.

I had a couple of choices: Produce a literal 10 minute video of me getting 3 melee levels, and 3 range levels, and end it at that. OR something I said I'd finish over a year proceed for an incredibly tough achievement. Gather ruby bolt tips and the kwuarms I'll want, and get melee stats to produce my TOB more easy. All when you look at it just trying to have a hint casket for 37 times, then yeah it'll seem pretty moot. But it was a target along with productivity.

The disclaimer which you put in the beginning that this wouldn't be fit was good to hear. I was basically thinking"let this guy sleeping" for the whole episode.You've talked previously about staying healthy and busy during your grinds and I'm grateful you reinforced the point. Hopefully that the editing was considerably less stressful than the grind was. Be great to yourself.I do urge healthiness in grinding. Even this was not too bad as people think, just 5 of the 37 days ever went 9hrs of playtime. If I didnt get a 2nd hint in the first 9 hours of my afternoon, I stopped and tried again the next day.It helps when you've got an entire community pulling for you aswell, maybe not as if you are some unknown man grinding away for it, we do not deserve the swampman.

It was a excellent vid. Kept me on the edge of buy RS gold my chair. Place grind into perspective lmao.Right? Seriously one of my Swampletics episodes in a while. Even though it was worthless, Settled assembled the video in such a way my expectation when he had been doing the last pair of clues was mad.