EA Sports revealed a bunch of new information on NHL 21

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On Monday, EA officially launched their new trailer for NHL 21 simulation of the game of hockey. Which provided some glimpse of the animation ahead of the release. Additionally, gamers have to see where the NHL stars will grace the cover of the game when it arrives in a few months. We also learned about the official release date for the game, with pre-orders will officially live online.

The cover athlete for the game this year will Washington Capitals superstar Alex Ovechkin. This is the second time Ovechkin has the cover athlete of EA NHL. He was held in 2006 for NHL 07 also. "It is a great honor to be on the cover of NHL 21 for the second time in my career," said Alex Ovechkin, per the press release. "More importantly, I'm glad I look just as good on the cover of this year as I did in 2007 !!!"

The NHL 21 gameplay change is bringing this year, EA says the game will sport some improvement. These include a more flexible choice of movement, a revamped Be A Pro mode with narration and quality-of-life addition, the mode of Hockey Team Ultimate efficient which will let players play and get rewarded much faster, and the new Ranked Seasons to take in the World CHEL. If you want to Buy HUT 21 Coins, I think 5mmo.com is your best choice, after all, the site has been officially certified,so it's very safe.

With NHL 21 release date a little under a month away, EA has shown us when they plan to disclose certain parts of the game. With the official gameplay comes in the middle of September and Franchise modes are exhibited in early October, will be a lot of NHL 21 news coming your way.

Fans have been quite disappointed that NHL 21 will not come to PC or next-gen consoles, because of the problems faced by the development team this year. This is a real bummer for those who hope to be able to play in PS5 or Xbox Series X, but for what it is worth it, it sounded like hockey fans will have plenty to love in NHL 21 though the current-gen exclusivity.