Did Not Buy It On PS3 Cos

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They did this with 2K14 back when the PS4 and Xbox One fell, this was certainly expected, the only difference is that they've been copying pasting these previous 3 titles, next gen must reveal out whenever they charging $70 with this particular btw.I don't get"but the mat

They banged NBA 2K MT do death and wouldnt it be for the big celebrity of NBA and the disastrous NBA Live, they would ve done exactly the same into NBA2k.WE 2K just got fucked since Yukes left in the center of the year.It's the best bball sim ever made. What more do you really desire?

Understanding 2k21 operates on gen is gont be 2k20 with fresh rosters and jersey updates. Nothing game that is additional. But I also bought 2k14 the night the game was glitchy for months it made a lot of parts difficult to or not really worth playing and it came out. I lost my MyPlayer multiple times and at MyGM I had players who were presumed to be hurt for two months be outside. Hopefully 2k doesn't make the very same mistakes they did last time moving to another console but my expectations are low.

I wonder how many of his tunes he'll wear the soundtrack.Wow that this Dame D.O.L.L.A album comes with a free basketball match. Neat!I did my best to suppress memories of the dumb story he wrote, and here you're making me recall it again!RIP my controller action during those long asf cutscenes.RIP Dirtbike Donnie don't you ever put your fuckin hands on my coat again.Watching my 68 entire dude do this frequin and vibin while another group conducts a fast break on usage. Very good times.

That story was pretty bad, but Vic's monologue at the end hit fairly hard.Congratulations Dame!I don't think anyone necessarily forgot but Dame was in absolutely scorching form before the lockdown.

Even I was pissed off seeing it.You hate to see 2k21 mt for sale players fight it out for 48 minutes just for one bad decision to ruin it. It is unfair to invalidate the attempt and performance of the players on the winning team who did so much for in a winning position but benefited from the Bad call and it is unfair to the losing team who played tough all game but didn't get a Reasonable opportunity to shut out the game.Its even worse when u believe they were fighting to get back into playoff contention with so many injuries and that occurs in this a must win game