Our country is fighting the on-goingpandemic and doing everything possible to arrange and provide for the required resources. All doctors in their respective hospitals are working all day long to serve the patients who are reaching out for help during COVID. However, a doctor’s duty is not just limited to the pandemic, they are also liable to look after and treat non-COVID patients and provide them with the best facilities.

If you're someone with severe illness but with a question mark thinking whether to reach out to the hospitals or not, let us assure you that AarvyHealthcare is here and available for treatment of non-COVID patients too.

How Aarvy Healthcareis ensuring Safety?

People are in dread fear of COVID infection while reaching out to a hospital for treatment. Aarvy Healthcare ensures that it is really safe to reach out to their facility as they are in providence with elective and emergency services to non-covid patients by following all the necessary precautions.

What are the provisions made to ensure patient safety?

They follow some strict protocols to safeguard patient's health and safety, these are:

  • Separate entry/exit for COVID non-COVID patients and patients in emergency including trauma and pregnancy.
  • COVID free segregated emergency rooms, procedure rooms and operation theatres.
  • Isolated floor and separate medical and paramedical staff for COVID patients.