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Bro trust me no one is doing this, it a far better experience to Nba 2k21 Mt pick up last years game for next to nothing and upgrade rosters, I feel like the reason they did this is so less ppl encounter glitches. Players dont clip to each other quite as much anymore. There are a few items that never got fixed, such as the hair respawning always during cutscenes and hair physics which vanish on arbitrary cheer leaders.

As someone who played with 2k21 vividly, players clip each other non stop. The thing that I notice about 2k20 is the clipping is inconsequential. Peoples arms may clip into someone's chest whilst covering, but nothing compared to 2k19 where you could knock the ball from someone's hand while they're dunking by pushing your hand straight through their face in the ball. I simply got a steal in my profession this morning by cutting someone's knee to slap the ball. I've definitely been blocked via the back of my players head going for dunks too.

Ive been destroying on every build, constantly having close triple doubles even on the 6'0 pure sharp that I made. Hopefully the match is better than what's displayed on the demonstration. The game is literally out next week. Just save up for the next gen version. They've been pulling the identical shit since 2K14 with releasing inferior versions in current gen. I am not even sure why people would expect the next gen version to be any better at this time. That's all they're worried about today.

It's gonna be the exact same. People actually gotta stop giving themselves false expectation. Been watching it for many years and it literally always goes bad. Just do not get it. This is really 100% true. It seems like another fantastic season on 2k for me finished using 51/9/4/2/2 with 22/29 from the field and blew the Bucks out. I already found my ideal constructy'all in issue.In my experience MyLeague in 2k21 is broken

If you only play with MyLeague and don't plan on upgrading to a next-gen console, 2K20 for $5 sounds like a fantastic deal. I made a nice construct balance for my play style to where I could play on and off ball with the principal slasher second so shooting pie chart such as a tmac kinda. Wow they ruined my build and it was not even popular or OP. My complete Red, Str+Vert 6'7 PF obtained its offensive and defensive rebounding, interior D, and block all fell 10 or more points. The vert is randomly higher but Speed and Agi are lower and worst of all the Str is default lower without fostering weight 20-30 pounds. Strangely the standing dunk rating is far higher than last year. Rlly stinks I can not he a dominant Rodman type without cheap mt nba 2k21 going 6'8 or higher.