The Best Team Captain In Madden 22 Ultimate Team

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Team Captains are back for Madden Ultimate Team 22 and will include your choice of one of the players.

Madden 22 is now available for all platforms. Players can now begin their journey with the most popular game modes Madden Ultimate Team. Players can open packs of items to enhance their lineup, sell in an auction environment, trade with their friends, or even put in collections for more players, packs, or Madden NFL 22 Coins. The final goal is to build a fantasy team.

The first step in creating a team is to choose a captain who can boost team chemistry and help you build your theme teams. The captain was 85 OVR and can be upgraded to 89 later. Also, the team captain will bring some additional benefits:

Team Chemistry 3x (for starters)
Can equip the chemistry of any NFL team
Can upgrade from 85 to 89 OVR at launch
Each skill costs 5 training to unlock
Each Superstar X-Factor skill has 10 workouts to unlock

In Madden 22, there are four players to choose from: LE Jack Youngblood, SS John Lynch, RB Shaun Alexander and WR Lance Alworth. Below, we’ll go over all of their traits and explain the pros and cons of each player to help you make the right decision for your team.

Lance Allworth, when you power him up to 89 overall, you can see he has the good route running and catching attributes, elite speed, and his archetype being route running certainly helps too. Also, you can try out a bunch of cool Superstar and X-Factor abilities on him to help decide what abilities you want to put on your other skill position players.

John Lynch will be an absolute beast early on. If you are looking for a guy to use control who can hit stick opposing teams’ running backs, this is your guy. His 86 speed rating isn’t elite, but he can be a great player until you acquire the top-rated player.

Jack Youngblood has 82 speed, 85 strength, good pass rush moves and block shedding. He’s the perfect defensive lineman. He can fill a spot on your roster that you won’t have to worry about and you can then spend your time and Mut 22 Coins getting players at more exciting positions instead.

Shaun Alexander is solid all-around, but at a position as important as running back, you will want the one guy you play to be an absolute superstar. This card isn’t particularly fast, or powerful, or exciting in any way.

For early, Lance Alworth, Jack Youngblood and John Lynch are pretty solid options. They are among the best players in their respective positions and being important positions. Since you can trade team captains during the season, it makes sense to go with one of them during the first part of the season. By the way, it largely comes down to a matter of personal preference, but here are our suggestions.