What Is A High-performance V-belt

High Performance V-Belt is our main product.

High Performance V-Belt is our main product.

The V-belt drive can alleviate the impact of load. The belt drive runs smoothly, with low noise and low vibration. The structure of the belt drive is simple and easy to adjust. The pulley drive is not as strict as the mesh drive for the manufacturing and installation accuracy of the pulley.

The groove of the pulley is actually designed according to the leather belt, and there are many types of industrial belts, such as U-shaped, V-shaped, toothed and so on. The corresponding pulleys are U-shaped pulleys, V-shaped pulleys, and toothed pulleys. V-belt pulleys are generally used in large industrial motors, and toothed belt pulleys are generally synchronous pulleys.

High strength V-Belts are also our products.