The initial 65 levels were deemed 'accessible'

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The initial 65 levels were deemed 'accessible'. This is a skill that requires a moderate time commitment. Endgame quests such as Mourning’s End PII required levels of around 60. These levels are able to be used to gain access to OSRS gold some of the content in the endgame however, they can also be used by those with higher levels.

In the past, the requirements for PvE in the endgame, which defined endgame PvE as playing solo GWD bosses, required at least 90 points in the relevant stats. This model had negative effects on the mind of Jagex, as it set the bar for new players extremely far from. Runescape is a game with a casual vibe and is playable online in a browser. It doesn't require any cash. However, players need to invest a tremendous amount of time in order to get to the final game. This is several times more than any other player.

This leviathan time restriction directly affected the number of subscriptions. Players who were enthralled by the game were much more likely to buy RuneScape gold stay for a long time. But the negative side has had more impact. People who don't take the game seriously, taking it day by day tend to not think about subscribing for a month before leaving.