Your teams are being built

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In 2k even in the event that you typical 40 ppg with Mut 21 coins a 57ovr with 66 potential he will always only hit 66 overall (unless you ship him through untapped potential of course). I get the ratings are fairly overrated, especially overall evaluations, but it is somewhat unrealistic seeing the man averaging 40ppg in the lowest tier of players because of their whole career imo. On field/court production should be the primary element in development viewing as that is the whole purpose of developing a player.

I disagree with this 100%. Can Lamar Jackson get better because he put stats up or did he put up stats because he got? The system Madden uses is linear and so amazingly static. There's nothing lively about it and it is backwards. I don't play franchise mode so that I can shoot a 65 complete RB and get 3k rushing yards and watch him grow to a 99ovr. I need to look at my preferences if I am producing with a 65 ovr back or I am cheesing the match.

Your teams are being built by the purpose of franchise mode over the years. If everyone progresses the same like they do in this method is that fun or interesting? Happily we have mods on PC that get rid of this XP garbage and revamp the development system. Together with the mods on PC I can actually get a progression system which is more realistic and 1000x more intriguing than what EA offers. I know that Haskins had Superstar dev, and also the dev traits signify their potentials, but nothing is set in stone. I am left sitting there wondering when Haskins will ever develop or if I will need to find a new QB in a few drafts if he remains a 79 overall after 4 or 5 decades.

On the flip side, I could draft a guy in the 6th around who is a 57 overall, but has star dev attribute, and he evolves to some 85 total over the course of a year or two and all of a sudden he's a significant time gem I was blessed to draft. I loathe knowing that is perform Haskins and he'll collect XP and advancement exactly the exact same in every single franchise I do. That is so dull. But on PC, using a development mod, every dynasty is different. Haskins may advance in 1 franchise, he may be a 77 in the other and cheap mut coins madden 21 never get better.