The Suitable Way to Clean Garden Lounge Set

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Pretty Garden Lounge Set adds cottage or vintage style to any space—whether it's a patio, a sunroom, or an indoor living area

Pretty Garden Lounge Set adds cottage or vintage style to any space—whether it's a patio, a sunroom, or an indoor living area. However, the tight weave of the Rattan material makes cleaning a little tricky and time intensive. But the effort you put into cleaning Rattan furniture will be well worth it. Read on for Rattan cleaning tips, plus how to restore and refresh Rattan pieces.

Keep Garden Lounge Set dry.

Despite its popularity for outdoor settings, natural Rattan (woven from materials such as rattan, willow, cane and seagrass) doesn't do well with rain; too much moisture can weaken fibers, loosen joints, and lift paint. Keep these pieces under a covered porch—just not pushed up close to a wall, where humidity can get trapped.

Clean Garden Lounge Set regularly.

Grime builds up quickly in all those nooks and crannies! To clean a natural-Rattan piece, remove dust with the brush attachment on your vacuum, then wipe the piece down with a damp rag. Tackle stubborn spills, dirt, or tree sap by scrubbing with a soft-bristled brush dipped in gentle dish soap and warm water or Murphy Oil Soap.

Mind the sun.

Even with regular care, outdoor furniture can look worn over time. Sunlight causes fading and cracking in natural wicker, so rotate chairs and tables occasionally to even out exposure. You can also dab a piece with lemon oil every few months to condition its fibers.

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