Know the difference between Hemp oil or Hemp seed oil

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Cannabis is getting very popular these days for its medicinal benefits without any psychoactive effect.

Therefore, you can enjoy its healing properties for a longer period. As hemp oil or Hemp seed oil sounds similar, you may take it as the same product, but there is a lot of difference between them. 

Hemp oil is directly extracted from the plant, and hemp seed oil is derived from cannabis seeds. Naturally, therefore, you require to know the difference before purchasing any of them. But before moving forward, let us understand Hemp oil and hemp seed oil separately. 

Hemp oil 

Hemp oil is derived from the whole plant, in which hemp seed and other parts of the plant are used to produce the hemp oil extract. Due to its various beneficial properties and ingredients like – phytonutrients and cannabinoids are widely famous and considered by so many people. Mainly cannabinoids are the major reason why people find it the best alternative supplement to synthetic dosage. 

Hemp seed oil 

 Whereas, Hemp seed oil is only extracted from seeds of the hemp plant. Usually, seeds are plucked out and processed separately to extract the oil out of them. Therefore, it has many health-related benefits like – fiber, amino acids, proteins, etc. Moreover, people consider it a great substitute for harmful cooking oil and indulge in daily recipes due to its organic nature. 

Benefits of hemp oil and hemp seed oil 

Usually, pharmaceutical companies provide treatment with various chemicals which can leave behind side effects. However, if you choose organic products like – hemp oil or hemp seed oil, it can benefit you in various ways. First, you can consume them orally by taking tablets or oil from the dropper. Second, if you consume oil in good quantity for at least 3 to 6 months, you can notice almost all kinds of health concerns are completely cured or controlled. 

Below, we have shared a few benefits provided by both hemp oil and hemp seed oil, making them separate. 

Hemp oil 

Hemp oil helps to control epilepsy, a condition that affects millions of people around the world. 

It is considered the best treatment for disturbed sleep cycle, insomnia condition, or PTSD-related nightmares.  

Hemp seed oil

Hemp seed oil is considered a great source of iron and fills the adequate amount of oxygen required by the person. Therefore, it also helps to energize our bodies and grant energy to us. 

It helps to ease the uneasiness and certain health issues caused by PMS or Menopause. 


Almost both of them are good in their way, having beneficial properties to cure your health issue. But it depends upon your health requirement and what kind of results you are expecting from it. While purchasing any product derived from hemp oil or hemp seed oil. Therefore, we would like only to recommend you one thing: consult your doctor before starting with any of them.