Doraemon Will it Succeed Like Crazy?

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Doraemon, a TV series about animation that focuses on computer-generated cartoons is a must-see for anyone who enjoys animation. It is one the most wa

Doraemon, a TV series about animation that focuses on computer-generated cartoons is a must-see for anyone who enjoys animation. It is one the most watched and rated shows of cartoons in Japan. This shows is aired on Fuji TV Asian America and other channels. The show's popularity can be traced back at the very first episode, which aired on April 27 in 1998. Doraemon the film has also gained a lot of attention internationally.

The story of the Japanese version of Doraemon revolves around a boy named Taichi Isagi, who lives a very isolated life in a small village where he lives with his pet monkey Pika. A young girl named Ayame arrives with her family one day. The two are soon good friends. However the situation takes a completely different turn when they witness a wild creature attack an infant and run away in an effort to save her. From that day, the two of them start to live among the residents of the town, which is known as the Fairies.

One of the most interesting aspects of Doraemon's Japanese box office success is that it didn't reach the million mark in Japan when it was released. But, it quickly became one of the most beloved animated films of all times. It was one of the top ten most-sold movies in Japan. This was possible thanks to the sales of more than three million tickets. This is an excellent result for short films.

One of the other reasons the reason Doraemon the film became popular right from the word go was due to the numerous popular markets abroad it opened up in. The movie was released in South Korea and went on to become one of a kind in the minds of the people. The theme park Magic Kingdom took the idea of using Japanese cartoon characters in a fantasy setting and turned it into a theme park. The film grossed more than three hundred million dollars in the first week after its debut.

What was interesting about Doraemon the film was that it set the standard for the future of animated films in Japan. With Doraemon the movie a hit the next film in the series was titled Doraemon: The New Great Adventure was in the making and looked to be a massive success. The production cost was much more expensive than Doraemon's Japanese box office hit. It did, however, sell around three hundred and sixty million tickets. It's definitely worth watching.

If we examine the financials of the two films, we will clearly see that the obit units of the Japanese box office rake in more. So really is there another reason behind why the nobita units of both Doraemon films have achieved incredible results? Let's consider this for a while, do we? To begin, with a story as deep as Doraemon it is only natural to expect the characters that are depicted to be extremely intelligent. In the case of the show it is assumed that the main character Leona is an absolute genius in every aspect. The same effect can be seen in the movie, wherein the main character is shown as a highly intelligent person who clearly holds the highest level of intellect than his real-life counterpart.

This has resulted in the conclusion that the success of the show is not the result of clever ideas or concepts, but due to the simple popularity of the cartoon. In the case of Doraemon the film it is evident that the main character Doraemon actually enjoys riding on his trusty motorcycle and exploring the towns and villages. When the people of the South Korean countryside discovered that the children of their village were spending their leisure time playing the game they decided to remove the TV set to stop children from watching something that could be so violent. They had to get rid of the ban after they realized that Doraemon was actually playing on the Nintendo DS. Japan has done the same when it banned Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon games in Japan. It is therefore concluded that the popularity of the obits series in South Korea was due to its intriguing storyline and stunning art.

In conclusion, it is very likely that the success of the series is due to the fact that a lot of people in the United States loved the Doraemon series. The anime became so popular that people wanted see more episodes , so they ordered the nobita DVDs that included the games. The anime producers were forced to create more Doraemon and the previously released anime DVD. The outcomes of this event are interesting. It is possible that the Obit games helped expand the Japanese players for the game, considering that the majority of people were probably not aware of the story and consequently more willing to watch the film than they were before.