Important Facts about the Dangers with Root Canal Treatment

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Root canal therapy is also known as a root canal treatment. Know the myths about it by reading this article.

Root canal therapy, also known as endodontic treatment is among the most effective and successful dental methods performed these days. As per a recent report, the treatment has a higher success rate that ranges rom 86% to 98% respectively. There are still many people who fear about the dangers with a root canal. Go through this blogpost to know about the safety measures of root canal treatment in London and rare complications that might happen with it.


Safety with root canal


Before endodontic treatment, tooth extraction was the only way for treating an improperly broken, abscessed or infected tooth. Luckily, these kinds of injuries or infections can be treated comfortably and safely after getting addressed through root canal. There are other cases that need to be treated by your family dentist while the complicated ones will be referred to an endodontist.


When undergoing the treatment, the dentist makes a small opening in your tooth for accessing and removing pulp issues or inner nerves. After this, he will seal the canal through a strong material to avoid spreading the infection further.


Misinformation with the dangers of root canal


The misconceptions related to the dangers with the root canal should not prevent you from performing this tooth-saving procedure. The treatment does not involve any pain and you can get it done successfully from the endodontists.


Rare complications with root canal


When performing dental and medical treatments, there might be some risks involved with root canal treatment. Some factors that can lead to complications are the following:


  • Presence of bacteria – There is bacteria present around the root tip or within q treated tooth that might lead to failure. So, the dentist will clean and sterilise root canals properly at the time of performing the procedure. You might be asked to take some antibiotics for preventing the infection.


  • Improper filling – The canals that are overfilled or underfilled with a sealant material have shown greater chances of failure in some cases.


  • Inadequate seal – You need to have final restoration that can strengthen a treated tooth and offer proper seal to avoid bacteria from leading to problems. The dentist will evaluate your treated area and ensure the dental crown fits properly on the tooth.


  • Broken instruments – Root canal treatment can be done through fine instruments that allow dentist to clean bacteria and residual tissue into the canal at the time of shaping it for sealing. These instruments can either separate or break and the condition may affect the success of your treated tooth.


  • Untreated canals – The teeth can have more canals when compared to roots and difficult to find as well as navigate. When the dentist misses a canal, this can lead to some complications.


When there is any problem during or after performing a root canal, your endodontist at Smile Works Dental will offer endodontic treatment or find out the problem to ease the discomfort. This will enable you to get back your tooth in proper condition. Despite some occasional complications, root canal treatment is among the safest and most successful dental procedures available till date. By performing this treatment, you can ensure to have a healthy and clean mouth.